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To receive credit for prior coursework, undergraduate students must send official transcripts from all institutions previously attended, including high school and any colleges, to University of Maryland University College. Graduate students must submit official transcripts indicating completion of a bachelor's degree.

Official Transcripts

To be accepted as official, a transcript must be submitted from the issuing institution either in a sealed, unopened envelope or via an accepted secure electronic delivery method (preferred). UMUC cannot accept official transcripts via fax or e-mail, regardless of the source. Please contact the previous institutions you have attended and request your transcripts be sent to UMUC.

Please review the various transcript submission methods below:

Method Description

UMUC prefers to receive transcripts electronically through a secure delivery method only. Check with your previous institution to determine if your transcripts can be sent electronically through a secure format. If a "send-to" e-mail address is required, please use


Mailing Addresses for Transcripts:
U.S Postal:
Attn: Incoming Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783-8075

Attn: Incoming Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
1616 McCormick Drive
Office #2400
Largo, MD 20774


International study transfer must be evaluated by an independent approved agency then sent to UMUC to be considered as transfer credit. For your convenience, UMUC has provided the names of the agencies and their contact information.


Getting credit for your military education and training is easy Just submit your military transcripts.

Professional/Industry Certifications

Industry certifications, professional courses, and vocational and technical training, should be submitted with the appropriate documentation denoting this experience along with your transcripts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transcripts

Where can I view the status of any transcripts I had sent to UMUC? +

You can view the status of your transcripts by logging into your student account.

How long does it take for UMUC to receive my official transcripts? +

The delivery time for transcripts varies by the transcript medium, sending institution, and carrier. In general, transcripts sent via mail or parcel service take an average of ten (10) business days. Keep in mind that some transcripts can take longer than that, and transcripts from outside of the United States will take longer. In general, electronic transcripts are typically received within two business days. If UMUC has not received your transcript within the average time frame, you should check with the sending institution to confirm the date sent.

What should I do if a transcript or document was sent to UMUC using my former name or a variation of my name? +

In most cases, we are able to match your document using additional information found on it. However, if you are not able to verify receipt of your document in your student account, contact an admissions advisor.

My transcript was sent to UMUC electronically, but it doesn't show in my account. What should I do? +

Contact your transcript provider to confirm the transcript was submitted, when it was sent, when it was received, and who received it. Students should also allow up to three business days for the transcript to show as received when sent electronically and confirmed as received. Provide this information to your admissions advisor.

Am I required to provide an official transcript(s) for previous education if I plan to enroll as a nondegree-seeking student or if I will audit courses? +

Yes. All applicants planning to enroll in courses at UMUC must provide evidence of high school completion (or its equivalent) or 24 transferable college credits to enroll beyond two terms after admission.

This does not include current students of the University System of Maryland or F-1 students visiting from another institution who receive written permission from their home institution to enroll at UMUC for transfer credit purposes. In either of these cases, we do not require official transcripts; however, unofficial transcripts might be required to confirm that prerequisites are met for specific courses, when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About High School Transcripts

Why do I need to send my high school transcripts to UMUC? +

Please see UMUC's undergraduate admissions criteria for regular-status students to learn more about when and why a high school transcript is necessary.

How do I request my high school transcript? +

Contact your high school and inquire about their transcript request process, which can vary from school to school. If your high school has a website, this is a great source to find related information. Please be aware that some high schools are not open during the summer. If you find that to be the case, follow up with the District Office under which your high school operates. If you are unable to find the information, we recommend contacting the County Board of Education or the State Board of Education from the state in which your high school is located.

Can UMUC waive the high school transcript requirement? +

If you provide official college transcripts showing at least 24 semester hours of transferable college credit, you will not be required to submit an official high school transcript or GED scores. For more information, please see UMUC's undergraduate admissions criteria for new students.

Will UMUC accept my high school transcript if it is sent electronically? +

Yes. This is UMUC's preferred method of receiving transcripts. For your high school transcript to be "official," UMUC must receive the electronic transcript via one of the following transcript networks: SPEEDE, Parchment Exchange, National Student Clearing House, eSCRIP-SAFE, or Credentials. If there is a send-to e-mail address required, please use

Does UMUC offer a generic high school request form I can send to my school? +

As a courtesy, UMUC provides a generic high school request form that you can fill out and submit directly to your high school. Please be aware that each high school may have their own form, procedure, and/or requirements for transcript requests. You should always follow the form and procedure indicated by your high school to assure timely processing of your transcript request.

How do I send records to UMUC if I graduated from high school in another country? +

If you graduated high school in another country, you will need to obtain an external foreign credit evaluation from an approved agency. For more information, review our admissions requirements for international students or contact an admissions advisor.

Can I be admitted to UMUC if I have a GED or if I completed a high school proficiency examination? +

If you received passing scores on a GED or other high school proficiency examination that is recognized by your state, you will need to submit official documentation of this so that admissions staff at UMUC can determine your admissibility.

This documentation is received and processed just like regular high school transcripts. We recommend finding the appropriate body in your state if you need assistance to order a copy of your GED or high school proficiency examination. Each state has different rules and requirements as well as different test administrators and recordkeepers.