At University of Maryland University College, students come first in everything we do. We are a university designed around the needs of busy professionals. We understand that you'll be balancing work and family life with your education. We understand that pursuing your degree will be an investment both of your time and your finances. That's why UMUC strives to make earning your degree as convenient, flexible, and affordable as possible.

You won't have to wait for graduation to start seeing the impact of your education. At UMUC, we specialize in helping students like you gain knowledge that can increase your professional value, giving you the confidence you need to move your career forward. It starts with your very first class.

And as one of the largest public universities in the country, we are proud to have an expansive network of accomplished alumni.

Quick Facts About UMUC Students

If you're curious about who chooses to study at UMUC, here are some quick facts and figures about our student body:

  • The median age of stateside undergraduate students is 30
  • More than 81 percent of undergraduate stateside students are working
  • More than half of UMUC stateside students are working parents
  • Approximately 75 percent of stateside undergraduate students work full-time
  • 60 percent of our worldwide student population were military and affiliates
  • 88 percent of undergraduate degree recipients said that they would attend UMUC if they had to do it over again
  • 77 percent of graduate degree recipients said that they would attend UMUC if they had to do it over again
  • The median salary of our bachelor's degree recipients is more than $51,200
  • The median salary of our master's and doctoral degree recipients is more than $66,000
  • 30 percent of stateside students are African American students
  • Minority students constitute 46 percent of total enrollment

UMUC Alumni: A Global Community

After you graduate, the UMUC Alumni Association provides you with opportunities to stay connected with fellow alumni, students, and faculty through networking events, volunteer services, social interaction, and philanthropy. Plus, UMUC alumni have easy access to our career-related advising and support services. Our network of alumni is 233,000 strong and growing.