Faculty Focus: Patti Wolf

Patti Wolf's Quilts are a "Comfort" in More Ways Than One

By Cheryl Balassone |   October 2010

Patti Wolf , Faculty

Information Systems Management
School of Undergraduate Studies

A  UMUC instructor since 1999, Patti Wolf teaches Information Systems Management,  a program that emphasizes logic and structure. But when she’s not at her “day  job,” Patti’s creative side is unleashed. She is also a talented, award-winning  seamstress who spends much of her time teaching quilting classes and making  quilts to help charitable causes.

Patti has been sewing as long  as she can remember. Her mother was a professional seamstress, so Patti learned  to sew at an early age, making her own clothes and then eventually creating home  décor items such as curtains and slipcovers. About five years ago, she added quilting  to her array of sewing skills.

Having won awards at the Great  Frederick Fair and the Rose Hill Quilt Show, Patti’s talent is apparent. But her  efforts on behalf of numerous charities are even more remarkable.  As a participant in this year’s Leadership Frederick  County program, Patti met Carol  Mastalerz, director of Oncology Services at Frederick  Memorial Hospital’s  Regional Cancer Therapy  Center. When Patti made a quilt with blocks for each  member’s signature as the class’s end-of-the-year gift for the executive  director of the program, Mastalerz was highly impressed. She suggested that  Patti create a similar quilt for cancer survivors to sign at the Regional Cancer Therapy  Center.

Patti  is also working on a quilt for the “Yes,  M’am! Challenge,” which runs through March 2008. Participating quilters are  challenged to make a quilt using a specific fabric. The finished quilt is then  auctioned off to raise money for low-or no-cost mammograms. Patti intends to  donate the money raised from her quilt to the Regional Cancer  Therapy Center.

In  addition to these projects, she has made a number of quilts for Hurricane  Katrina victims and many others that she donated to her quilt guild to raise  funds for the organization’s first annual quilt bingo, which took place in May.  The guild is also making quilts for “Project  Linus” as their service project for 2007; Patti has made several of those  quilts, as well.  

Her  love of quilting is apparent. “It allows me to use a different part of my brain  and different skills than I use in my daily work. Quilting helps me think more  creatively in all aspects of my life. I find it so relaxing,” Patti said. “I've  met a number of wonderful people because of quilting. I've found quilters to be  a generous group... rallying to respond to calls to help by making quilts, helping a fellow quilter who is struggling with a new technique, offering that perfect  piece of fabric from their "stash," and always teaching others.”

Patti’s  own teaching skills also come in handy for her hobby: she teaches children and  adults to quilt at Joann's in Columbia,  Maryland.  While all of that quilting and teaching would  leave most people exhausted, Patti remains excited and impassioned and about her  experience at UMUC.

When asked what she enjoys most about the university, she quickly  responded, “The students! They are located all over the world and I love that they  bring such a wealth of unique personal, professional, and cultural experiences  to our classrooms.”
  And  what does she enjoy most about quilting?   Said Patti, “I find it a nice balance to the work I do in my 'day  job' and I’ve met a lot of good friends through quilting.”

Visit  Patti’s quilting Web site at www.sleepingcatcreations.com.