Classes and Services

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) offers services and undergraduate classes at The University System of Maryland at Hagerstown (USMH). This location serves transfer students from local community colleges and military and civilian students who need advising or other student services. This site is located in downtown Hagerstown, just minutes from I-81 and I-70.


Finding Hagerstown Classes

When searching the UMUC schedule of classes, be sure to sort by the location, "Hagerstown-Online Hybrid."

Directions and Parking

Visit the main USMH web page for directions and parking information.


Students can schedule a face-to-face or phone appointment by calling 240-527-2711. UMUC admissions counselors are available to assist students with admissions, registration, and other UMUC student services.

USMH Student ID Cards

Students taking classes at USMH will be issued a USMH ID card, which will be used to access the elevators and other areas of USMH buildings. On the first night of class, students should arrive a little early so they can pick up their USMH ID card at the reception desk in the lobby. Please make sure to have a picture ID with you when you arrive.

USMH ID cards from previous semesters will be reactivated for students for the upcoming semester before classes begin. Students should bring their USMH ID card to each class meeting at Hagerstown.

Computer Labs

To find out more about hours of operation or other information, visit the USMH Computer Lab.

Library Services

For information, please visit the USMH Library.

Placement Testing

UMUC students are able to take the math placement exam at the USM Hagerstown location. Please call 240-527-2711 to set up an appointment to take the exam.

Textbook Distribution

MBS Direct can provide all of the textbook and course materials you need for your courses. MBS Direct is also your sole source for UMUC course guides, lab kits, and video and audiotapes.

If you prefer to order by phone, call MBS Direct Customer Service at 800-325-3252 or e-mail vb@mbsbooks.com with any questions. Students who reside outside the continental U.S. can contact MBS Direct at the international phone number 573-441-9179.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

To sign up for alerts about The University System of Maryland at Hagerstown or UMUC, visit USMH's Campus Alerts and UMUC's MyAlerts.






  • Please call for current business hours.