Eastern Shore Higher Education Center


University of Maryland University College (UMUC) offers services at the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center.  This location serves transfer students from Chesapeake College and local military and civilian students who need advising or other student services.


Directions and Parking

Please visit the Chesapeake page for directions to the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center. Parking is free.


To meet with a UMUC representative, please call Mary Walters at 301-832-6311 or email at mary.walters@umuc.edu. Advising appointments are also available via Skype. Call 443-459-3500 to schedule a Skype appointment.

Textbook Distribution

MBS Direct can provide all of the textbook and course materials you need for your courses. MBS Direct is also your sole source for UMUC course guides, lab kits, and video and audiotapes.

If you prefer to order by phone, call MBS Direct Customer Service at 800-325-3252 or e-mail vb@mbsbooks.com with any questions. Students who reside outside the continental U.S. can contact MBS Direct at the international phone number 573-441-9179.

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410-827-5761 or
410-822-5400, ext. 5761





Advising Hours

By appointment