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University of Maryland University College is pleased to announce its partnership with the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences, known as FAES. Through this partnership, eligible FAES students may transfer credits toward a technology specialization in the following graduate degrees:


FAES students who have successfully completed the FAES Certificate in Technology Transfer program are eligible. A grade of B or better must be earned in each course taken for the certificate.

FAES Credit

UMUC will accept a block of 15 credits from each FAES student who successfully completes the Certificate in Technology Transfer program and is admitted to one of the MS programs. In order for a FAES student to be granted transfer credits, the student must meet UMUC's criteria for transfer as set forth in the applicable graduate catalog at the time the student requests acceptance of the transferred credits.

Program Requirements

FAES students need to complete five core courses and two additional specialization courses for one of the degree programs. The specific courses are listed below. Students must also complete USCP 615 within the first 6 credits of UMUC course work. This is a required course for all graduate students.

Core Courses (15 credits) that Must be Taken at UMUC

MS in Management

  • MGMT 610
  • MGMT 615
  • MGMT 640
  • MGMT 650
  • MGMT 670

MS in Information Technology

  • ITEC 610
  • ITEC 620
  • ITEC 630
  • ITEC 640
  • TMAN 625

MS in Biotechnology

  • BIOT 630
  • BIOT 640
  • BIOT 645
  • BIOT 643
  • PMAN 634

Specialization Courses (6 Credits) that Must be Taken at UMUC

MS in Management or Information Technology

  • PMAN 634
  • PMAN 650

MS in Biotechnology

  • BTMN 632
  • BTMN 634

Administrative Information

  • FAES students must apply to their desired degree program and meet the standard UMUC admission requirements.
  • Students must have completed the Technology Transfer Certificate before beginning work on the UMUC degree.
  • Upon completion of the Technology Transfer Certificate at FAES, students must fill out and submit the Graduate Transfer Credit Evaluation Form and an official FAES transcript reflecting successful completion of the Technology Transfer certificate. A grade of B or better must be earned in each course taken for the certificate.
  • Since 15 credits exceed the normal credit transfer limits accepted by UMUC, FAES students will not be permitted to transfer in credits from other graduate schools.
  • UMUC will not accept the transfer of partial credit, i.e. less than 15 credits for this program.
  • All requirements established for the completion of the degree program must be fulfilled within seven consecutive years, beginning at the date the first course is completed at either UMUC or FAES.
  • FAES students are responsible for payment of all applicable tuition and fees.