Tutoring and Mentoring

Get help adjusting to life or a course at UMUC with a tutor or mentor.

Allies Mentoring Program

Undergraduate students may request a mentor through the Allies Mentoring Program. Mentors are alumni or experienced students who are available online to help students adjust to life at UMUC. Mentors assist with time management, study skills, motivation techniques, and other areas that are important to academic success.

Mentors correspond with students about once a week to offer suggestions for effective study habits and to simply be there for students to share concerns. Any undergraduate student is welcome to request a mentor. There is a simple application to fill out.

To learn more about the Allies Mentoring Program, please e-mail us at studentsuccess@umuc.edu.


Tutoring Services



Software Language Assistant (SLA) tutoring is available online and face-to-face for students enrolled in many computing classes. Support for problem solving, Java programming, C# programming, Computer Architecture, Discrete Math, Relational Databases and XML are being offered each semester.

Register and sign-up for online or face to face tutoring sessions.

Online tutoring will be held via Wimba, an online conferencing tool.

Face-to-face tutoring will be held in Largo Academic Center Student Lounge. Students must have a valid student ID, be registered in a current computing course and must have registered for the tutoring session. Students should enter the Academic Center via the student entrance located in the rear of the building. Parking is available in the rear lot.

Please send an e-mail to computing_dept@umuc.edu if you have specific questions.


Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for select undergraduate courses at UMUC through a special online classroom.

You can post questions, at your convenience, throughout the term and a tutor will respond. Also, you'll be able to read responses posted to your classmates' questions.

Please note that tutors are not available for all courses. A select number of high-enrollment entry courses are supported with online tutors.

To find out which courses offer tutors, please e-mail the Center for Innovation in Learning and Student Success at studentsuccess@umuc.edu