Andrew Pulsirisaroth – 2012-13 Student Advisory Council Representative, Stateside


I am a native Marylander, born and raised just outside of Washington, D.C. Currently, my work involves safety design and permitting for a smaller firm supporting the construction industry. 

As the oldest of three, it was my youngest brother who, upon graduating from UMUC in 2009, gave me the motivation to return to school and the determination to complete my degree. 

Now, in my second year of studies here at UMUC stateside, the commitment level is higher than ever. The coursework in my program provides the challenges I desire and, although my major and minor are not the most common pairing, the combination will build the necessary foundation for a career change into the world of environmental business and policy.  

On a recent trip overseas, I gained new insights into the problems our global society faces concerning energy and sustainability. With experiences like this and a solid understanding to reinforce the issues and find effective solutions, I believe that change for the better is inevitable.