Dale Kim – 2012 Student Advisory Council Representative, Stateside


Welcome! My name is Dale Kim, a third semester UMUC finance undergrad, expected graduating class of Summer 2012. As your chosen 2011 STAC delegate, it is my responsibility to look out for all of our students to the best of my advisory capacity. Myself, having taken the full variety of classroom style online, hybrid and face-to-face, I know how difficult it can be choosing and keeping the right plan that meets a busy schedule. 

After leaving the University of Maryland - College Park during the wake of my junior year to pursue other interests, I came back to school at UMUC looking for a different learning experience catered around my schedule. What I found was an impressive offering of services and numerous ways the school could help me in achieving my goals. While I had initially made plans to move back to the traditional institution, it was an easy decision to decline the school’s offer and continue at UMUC, where I hope to do my graduate program.

While I can’t figure out the latest Smartphone, turn down the free sample at Costco, or execute a one-eyed wink, I know I can make up for what I lack with grit and determination. 

My predecessors have done such a great job for UMUC by representing a population of more than 90,000 students worldwide at any given time; I hope to continuously expand on that. 

I invite all to communicate ideas this coming year. I’m always open to suggestions, so mail me or look me up on Facebook. I’m looking forward to meeting you!