Student Academic Clubs and Student Organizations

Student academic clubs and professional organizations offer you a forum to meet students with similar interests, to ask questions of faculty or staff in your field of study, and to discuss related topics. All UMUC students are eligible to join. You will find several benefits to joining a academic club, such as:

Student Support

  • Interact with peers who have similar interests
  • Work with friendly faculty and staff to get acclimated to the university and to your program of study
  • Learn more about your chosen major and about UMUC's student resources

Leadership Opportunities

  • Serve as a student leader or officer
  • Volunteer to participate on committees or coordinate activities
  • Attend and present at professional and scholarly conferences

Professional Development

  • Expand your experience and expertise in a specific discipline area
  • Learn from professionals in the field
  • Network with students, faculty, and alumni

Browse through the student club descriptions below to find the club or clubs that will move you closer to your interests and goals. To join an academic club, please contact with your request. Please include the club(s) you wish to join, your full name, and your EMPLID.


Academic Clubs

Accounting and Finance Club

  • Provides information about the accounting major and topics of interest from course selection to career paths
  • Assists students with the exploration of resources on accounting careers and the accounting field.
  • Includes job postings and career opportunities
  • Allows students to discuss courses, exchange textbooks, and share experiences
  • To join, "like" the UMUC Accounting and Finance Forum on Facebook 
    Note: If you don't have a Facebook account, you will be prompted to sign up.

Business and Management Club

  • Open to students, alumni, and faculty
  • Allows students to discuss shared interests and network
  • Enables students to learn more about to field and chat with faculty
  • To join, simply "like" the UMUC Business and Management Club page through Facebook.
    Note: If you don't have a Facebook account, you will be prompted to sign up.

Social Science and Gerontology Club

  • Provides information and resources on careers and graduate school
  • Includes discussions on how members can help the community
  • Hosts guest speakers with backgrounds in a variety of Social Science disciplines

Criminal Justice Club

  • Encourages discussions on current events and topics within the field
  • Provides career information including job openings
  • Allows students to talk with faculty in the program
  • Enables students to share resources and network

Computing Club

  • Open to all students pursing a major or minor in one of UMUC's computing disciplines
  • Allows students to share experiences and offer each other guidance on major and career options
  • Provides opportunities for professional socialization and networking
  • Provides resources that will help students further their education and careers

Communication Studies Club

  • Includes discussions about current events relating to the program of study and its subfields (Journalism, Technical/Business Writing, Human/Speech Communication, and Public Relations)
  • Hosts professionals in the field as guest speakers who bring insight to the variety of jobs within the field and their paths to success
  • Provides students opportunities to share their experiences at UMUC and in their professional career

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Club

  • Promotes the sharing of information about UMUC courses and activities related to emergency management and homeland security
  • Offers a repository for career information including job opportunities
  • Provides a current listing of conference and seminar opportunities
  • Supports the interest of higher education in emergency management and homeland security
  • Provides information on the International Association of Emergency Managers USA Student Region, UMUC Chapter

English Club

  • Allows students to talk with faculty about classes, graduate schools, and professional opportunities
  • Hosts symposiums and guest speakers for English majors
  • Offers discussions where students can discuss their favorite authors and learn about new authors
  • Includes a writer's workshop where students critique each other's creative writing

Environmental Management Club

  • Offers opportunities to communicate with professionals in environmental management during monthly seminars
  • Includes discussions on how students can help preserve the environment
  • Displays job openings and suggestions on how students can enter the field
  • Provides feedback to student questions about the environmental management major
  • Contains different activities including a newsletter committee and the P3 grant competition

Human Resource Management Club

  • Includes information on professional organizations and important resources for students studying human resource management
  • Provides discussions on topics in the field of human resources
  • Provides job postings and career information
  • Includes updates on the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) UMUC Chapter's activities

Legal Studies Club

  • Hosts field trips during the year
  • Provides Legal Studies department updates
  • Enables students to share experiences and information about the program and the field
  • To join, "like" the UMUC's Legal Studies Program on Facebook
    Note: If you don't have a Facebook account, you will be prompted to sign up.

Marketing Club

  • Open to students, alumni, and faculty
  • Allows students to discuss shared interests and network
  • Enables students to learn more about to field and chat with faculty
  • To join, simply "like" the UMUC Marketing Club page through Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, create one at

History Club

  • Provides information and discussions on graduate school and careers within the history field.
  • Allows the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on the history program
  • Includes links to related professional organizations, journals, and information on regional conferences
  • Includes "Photo Central", where students can share pictures

Political Science Club

  • Allows students to discuss current political issues beyond the classroom
  • Encourages sharing of student opportunities, including internships, educational programs, and conferences
  • Encourages students to provide suggestions for club discussions

Psychology Club

  • Hosts guest speakers who discuss various psychology topics, careers in the field, and UMUC resources for students
  • Provides a "Classifieds" area where students find ways to become involved, including working with professors on research
  • Provides conferences where students can post questions to faculty and staff
  • Includes discussions on graduate schools and careers in psychology

Veterans Club

  • Open to Military and Veteran students and their spouses
  • Offers information and support on benefits, academics, and policies
  • Students can network with faculty, staff, and peers and share their storie
  • As an extension of VAVA 900, the Veterans Success Club is also part of the club. Local students are able to meet face-to-face and share in the information that is also posted virtually in VAVA 900. This extension is student led with the guidance of staff.


Student Organizations

  • International Association of Emergency Managers USA Student Region (IAEM-USA), UMUC Chapter
    IAEM-USA provides various opportunities to students interested in the emergency management and homeland security fields, including professional development through workshops, job postings, professional networks, certifications, and more. Chapter membership is open to students majoring in homeland security or emergency management and who either attend UMUC full-time or who attend UMUC part-time and are not currently working full-time in homeland security or a related field. Students can learn more by joining the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Club (EMGT 900).
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), UMUC Chapter
    Joining the UMUC SHRM Chapter allows you to network with other students, staff, and faculty who are currently working in or are interested in entering the human resource field. Members share information, experiences, and knowledge. The chapter hosts monthly events designed to help students meet local professionals and transition into or advance within the field. In addition, the chapter provides leadership and student development opportunities for members.
  • Veterans Success Club, UMUC Chapter of Student Veterans of America
    The Veterans Success Club offers online and in-person fellowship for active-duty servicemembers and veterans serving in the U.S. and abroad. Members work to ensure that students who are military affiliated and veterans have a voice on campus. The club provides peer support and mentorship to aid students in academic success, career advancement, networking, and transition support.