Submit Your Transcripts to UMUC

To receive full credit for your previous academic achievements, it is essential to have your official transcripts sent to UMUC from all the institutions you previously attended. To be accepted as "official," a transcript must come from the issuing institution in either a sealed, unopened envelope or via an accepted secure electronic delivery method. UMUC cannot accept official transcripts via fax or e-mail, regardless of the source. Contact the previous institutions you have attended and request your transcripts be sent to UMUC. Many colleges and universities have a form which must be filled out to specify the UMUC address.

Submit electronically (preferred)

UMUC participates with several electronic transcripts networks. Whenever possible, UMUC prefers to receive transcripts electronically. Confirm with the prior institution to determine if they participate in any of the following networks. If a send-to e-mail address is required, please use

  • Credentials
  • Parchment Exchange
  • National Student Clearing House

Submit by mail


Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

U.S. Mail

Attn: Undergraduate Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
3501 University Blvd East
Adelphi, MD 20783

Attn: Graduate Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
3501 University Blvd East
Adelphi, MD 20783

UPS or FedEx

Attn: Undergraduate Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
1616 McCormick Drive
Office 2386
Largo, MD 20774

Attn: Graduate Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
1616 McCormick Drive
Office 2386
Largo, MD 20774

Military Transcripts

Follow the guidelines on the military transcripts page

Frequently Asked Questions — General

Where can I view the status of my transcript?

  • Log in to MyUMUC.
  • Under MyMenu, select Student Center.
  • Under Academics, select Previous Education from the drop-down menu. Then, select the >> button.
  • The External Education section will list previously attended schools, colleges and universities. If UMUC has received a transcript for the schools, there will be a row under the institution indicating a status of Received and the Date Received. The Test Summary section will list exam and test credit received by UMUC.
  • Note: Only exam and test credit meeting the minimum score requirements are added to your record.

How long does it take UMUC to receive my official transcript?

The delivery time for transcripts varies by the transcript medium, sending institution, and carrier. Therefore, it is impossible to know exactly how long it will take. In general, transcripts sent via mail or parcel service take an average of two weeks. Keep in mind that some transcripts may take longer than that and transcript from outside of the United States will take even longer. In general, electronic transcripts are not instantly received and are typically received within two business days. If UMUC has not received your transcript within the average time frame, you should check with the sending institution to confirm the date sent and then contact Student Academic Records.

What should I do if a transcript or document was sent using a former name or variation of my name?

In most cases, we are able to match your document using additional information found on it. However, if you are not able to verify receipt of your document in MyUMUC, contact Student Academic Records.

My transcript was sent electronically, but it doesn't show in MyUMUC. What should I do?

Contact your transcript provider, and confirm the transcript was submitted. You should confirm when it was sent, when it was received and who received it, and provide this information to Student Academic Records.

Frequently Asked Questions — High School Transcript

Why does UMUC require my official high school transcript?

UMUC, as part of our Admission process, is required to verify your high school degree if you have earned less than 24 semester hours of credit at another regionally accredited college or university. You are given until the second term after admissions to get all official documents submitted. Since enrollment for the terms coming up is done prior to the term start date keep in mind you will not be able to enroll for any classes in the indicated term until all your documents are submitted.

Admission Term (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

Deadline Date to have all documents submitted

If documents are not submitted I will not be able to enroll for classes starting in this term and beyond


Last day of Spring Term



Last day of Summer Term



Last day of Fall Term


What does the "High School Transcript" hold on my account mean?

This hold refers to our need to receive your official high school transcript. This is an Admissions requirement and must be submitted by the end of the second term after admission. You will see this in two places in your MyUMUC portal - it will be listed in the "To Do List" detail as High School Transcript and also if you click on the red circle with the slash through it up on top of the page it will indicate we have not yet received your transcript. If you have completed 24 semester hours or more of transferable collegiate credit at another college or university the high school transcript requirement will be satisfied once all of your official transcripts are on file.

How do I request that removal of the hold on my account if I have submitted my high school transcript or other collegiate transcripts verifying completion of 24 semester units of credit?

This hold will be removed from your account automatically once UMUC has verified that you have satisfied the requirement by one of the following:

  1. Verifying receipt of your official high school transcript
  2. Verifying the completion of 24 semester hours of transfer credit from another regionally accredited college or university as documented by official transcript

The process from receipt of your high school transcript and removal of hold should be completed within 24 hours. If you have satisfied the requirement (and the hold is showing via your student portal) and need to register immediately please contact your Advisor or Student Academic Records.

What are GAE U.S. High School (SGAE001), GAE International High School (SGAE002), and GAE GED High School Equivalent (SGAE003) transcripts?

If you are in the US Army and you are admitted and register via the Go Army Ed Portal (GAE) UMUC waives the high school transcript requirement as the Army verifies high school graduation (or equivalent) for its service members. The transcript will appear as received on the Previous Education page of the Student Center in the MyUMUC Student Portal; however, this signifies that the requirement has been automatically satisfied, not that UMUC has received and processed the high school transcript.

What if I have a GED or completed a High School Proficiency Test and not a high school diploma?

If you have completed a GED or other High School Proficiency Examination that is recognized by your state you will need to submit the official documents. They are received and processed just like regular high school transcripts. We recommend using the Internet to find the appropriate body in your state if you need assistance to order a copy of your GED or HSP Examination. Each state has different rules and requirements as well as different test administrators and record keepers.

What if I graduated high school in another country?

If you have graduated high school in another country you will need to obtain an external foreign credit evaluation from an approved agency. For more information, please review Credit Evaluation for International Students website or contact an Advisor.

How do I request my high school transcript?

You should contact your high school and inquire about their transcript request process, which may vary from school to school. If your high school has a website, this is a great source to find related information. Please be aware that, due to budget cuts, some high schools are not open during the summer. If you find that to be the case you will want to follow up with the District Office under which your high school operates. These can usually easily be found by doing an Internet search. If you are unable to find the information we recommend contacting the County Board of Education or the State Board of Education from the state in which your high school was located to secure additional information.

Does UMUC offer a generic high school request form I can use to send to my school?

As a courtesy, UMUC provides a generic high school request form which you can fill out and submit directly to your high school. Please be aware that each high school may have their own form, procedure, and/or requirements for transcript requests. You should always follow the form and procedure indicated by your high school to assure timely processing of your transcript request.

What should I do if my high school has closed or merged with another high school?

When a school merges, the remaining school typically holds and provides the records for the school that was absorbed. When a school closes, its records are typically sent to another institution or agency to serve as the custodian of records. How this is handled varies state to state and even district to district. Most states have a Department of Education (or a department with a different name that oversees K-12 education) and you should check the agency's website or contact the agency for assistance locating your records. Larger districts, such as county and city school districts, may also have information on or hold records for their closed schools and you should check with those agencies for further assistance.

Can UMUC waive the high school transcript requirement?

This requirement is mandated and part of the Admission process per UMUC's Undergraduate Admissions Policy (210.00) and, in most cases, cannot be waived. However, if you have extenuating or special circumstances that prevent compliance with the policy you may request a special consideration by emailing the Office of Admissions using the subject line of "Exception to high school transcript policy." The Admissions team will review your request and follow up with you as appropriate.

Will UMUC accept my high school transcript if sent electronically?

Yes, and in fact this is UMUC's preferred method of receiving transcripts. In order for your high school transcript to be "official", UMUC must receive the electronic transcript via the following transcript networks: SPEEDE, Parchment Exchange, National Student Clearing House, eSCRIP-SAFE, or Credentials. If there is a send-to e-mail address required, please use

Will UMUC accept my Advanced Placement (AP) classes using my high school transcript?

No. We will need a transcript sent to UMUC directly from the College Board of Advanced Placement. Please speak with your Academic Advisor, or visit UMUC's website for more policies about AP classes, please review the transfer credit policies webpage.

Am I required to provide an official transcript(s) for previous education if I plan to enroll as a non-degree seeking student or if I will audit courses?

Yes, all applicants planning to enroll in courses at UMUC must provide evidence of high school completion or its equivalent or 24 transferable college credits to enroll beyond two terms after admission.

This does not include current students of the University System of Maryland or F-1 students visiting from another institution who receive written permission from their home institution to enroll at UMUC for transfer credit purposes. In either of these cases, we do not require official transcripts; however, unofficial transcripts may be required to confirm that prerequisites are met for specific courses, when needed.