Interviewing Skills

To have a successful interview, you must consider everything that goes into an interview. Your success isn't just measured by how you answer the interview questions. Employers consider your answers, your non-verbal communication and how you are dressed.

Interviewing Guide

Career Services developed an Interviewing Guide to help you prepare for job interviews and impress potential employers. The guide includes how to prepare, how to make small talk and maintain a conversational flow, commonly asked questions, questions you should (and shouldn't) ask during an interview, a handy checklist and more.

Schedule a Practice Interview

After you have reviewed the Interviewing Guide, schedule a practice interview with a career counselor to help you practice what you've learned. Counselors can also help you prepare by discussing additional interviewing strategies and tips with you.

More Resources

These external Web sites provide additional information about interviewing for a job.

1 Source:Recovery: Job Growth and Education Requirements Through 2020,” Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2013.

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Interviewing Tip

Communication skills like active listening, speaking, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing are rated as highly valued in the job market.1