UMUC Virtual Job Fair, July 23, 2015
Employer Information

The University of Maryland University College Office of Career Services invites you to participate as an employer in our 2015 Virtual Job Fair on Thursday, July 23, 2015.


How Virtual Job Fairs Work for You

You'll access a qualified, diverse group of job candidates living throughout the United States and worldwide without exhausting your recruitment budget. The technology that powers this event makes the recruitment process convenient and inexpensive.

Virtual Job Fair Features

The UMUC 2015 Virtual Job Fair is produced and managed by Brazen, whose technology allows employers to

  • Interact with candidates in real time via chat rooms (group and one-to-one), and access a transcript of all conversations
  • Pre-qualify students using an optional video chat feature
  • Set up chats at a variety of convenient times
  • Proactively search for and invite interested students to visit sessions
  • Capture résumés of every jobseeker and build candidate pipelines for future reference
  • Post links to videos and articles to communicate branding and other relevant information

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Next Steps

After you register, Brazen will provide you with a confirmation and steps for designing your employer pages. This is a simple process; you do not need any advanced computer skills to prepare, and technical support is available. You'll need job descriptions of open positions at your organization and an electronic version of your company logo. You can also add any relevant video clips. We will contact you before the career fair to finalize your chat room schedule.


Facts About UMUC

  • UMUC is a USM institution with a significant national profile
    In fiscal year 2013, UMUC enrolled more students worldwide than any other four-year, degree-granting public university in the United States.
  • UMUC is a world leader in online education
    Currently, UMUC offers 93 degrees, specializations, and certificates. In FY 2014, UMUC offered more than 1,000 distinct courses online.
  • UMUC is a global institution
    In FY 2014, UMUC's overseas divisions offered on-site classes in more than 25 countries and territories throughout the world, enrolling 27,773 individual students in undergraduate and graduate programs in Asia and Europe.
  • UMUC is a Maryland institution addressing Maryland's needs
    In FY 2014, UMUC served more than 32,000 Marylanders and offered on site instruction at 18 sites throughout Maryland.
  • UMUC provides access to higher education for minority students
    In fall 2014, 30% of UMUC's stateside students were African American students; minority students constituted 46% of the total enrollment.
  • UMUC is the senior academic institution delivering higher education to our military
    Today, UMUC enrolls 54,000 active-duty military, reservists, veterans, and their family members.

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