New CareerQuest Features

Exciting new changes have been made in CareerQuest to make your Career Services experience better than ever! The site has been redesigned and upgraded to make it even easier to find the information you need to take charge of your job search.

Navigate the Streamlined Layout

As you navigate through the site, you'll notice cleaner, more modern page layouts along with easier-to-use search screen fields. Color schemes, buttons and icons have been improved to offer a more cohesive look.

Access CareerQuest from Your Mobile Device

Now you can search for jobs on the go using your smartphone, iPad or other mobile device. When you visit the upgraded CareerQuest site from your mobile device, you'll be automatically redirected to the mobile version. You can even create a shortcut to appear on the home screen of your mobile device.

Connect with Social Media

Connect CareerQuest to your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, and see a listing of friends or network connections who are affiliated with an employer listed in the job search or employer directory. Or opt into the social media connections offered by our job partners to gain access to a wealth of opportunities, advice and information to assist you in your job search.


Search with Fewer Clicks

In as little as one click, you'll be presented with search results and given the option of applying advanced search criteria directly from your search results screen! With this improved format, you no longer need to click back and forth between search criteria and search results pages.

Compare Search Results Side by Side

Open job posts or employer pages in multiple tabs or windows for quick side-by-side comparisons of results.