Get Started with Accessibility Services


All students, including students with disabilities and veterans, must meet minimum entrance criteria for any academic program at UMUC. There will be nothing in the application for admission asking you to disclose your disability. Your eligibility for services/accommodations from Accessibility Services (AS) is a separate process and is independent from the Office of Admissions.


You are responsible for self-identifying with AS to inform the university about your disability and request academic accommodations. You will only be asked to provide documentation if you request services. Learn more about documentation requirements.

It is in your best interest to contact AS early to submit the Student Intake Form and documentation. After you submit the Student Intake Form and documentation, AS will send an e-mail notification acknowledging receipt of your materials.


Unlike high school, at the college level, students must initiate contact with AS to receive services. The services you receive from AS might be different from what you received in high school. AS is not bound by your high school IEP.

The services and accommodations provided through AS will be based on the documentation of your disability and will help eliminate barriers that may be present. Keep in mind that you will have to advocate for yourself and ask your instructors for the accommodations you need. AS staff will advise you on this process.

If you have previously attended another college or university and received academic accommodations, you may request your file to be submitted to AS, or you may submit new documentation. Accommodations may differ slightly at UMUC. The majority of our courses are online, and the duration of courses varies from eight to 12 weeks.


Contact AS as early as possible, particularly if you have questions about what documentation is required for eligibility purposes.

Call 855-655-UMUC (8682), ext. 2287, or e-mail