Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships

How do I apply for a UMUC scholarship?

You must meet the minimum qualifications before you are invited to apply for UMUC scholarships.

  • Minimum Qualifications
    • You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    • Graduates must complete a minimum of 9 UMUC credits with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
    • Undergraduates must complete a minimum of 15 UMUC credits with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Application
    • If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be sent an invitation to complete the online scholarship application invitation through the myUMUC portal as a "to do list" item.

How do I apply for a specific scholarship, e.g., the President's Scholarship?

In addition to the minimum qualifications of grade point average and UMUC credit completion, most UMUC scholarships require additional criteria. Once you complete the online scholarship application, you are automatically considered for all scholarships for which you meet the criteria.

When can I expect a decision regarding my scholarship application?

Awarding of UMUC scholarships begins after July 15 and continues through the summer until all funds are exhausted. You will automatically receive an acknowledgment letter upon completing the online scholarship application. Additionally, all students who submit the online scholarship application will receive correspondence regarding their scholarship award status.

Please Note: Scholarship awarding is based on the availability of funding, which means that not all applicants will be awarded scholarships. However, if you are not awarded a scholarship, your application will remain on file throughout the academic year in the event additional funding becomes available.

I missed the scholarship application priority filing date. Can I still apply?

Yes! You should submit the online scholarship application by the priority filing date (July 15) for maximum consideration. However, if you have been invited to apply you are still allowed to submit your online scholarship application throughout the academic year until the application link is no longer available.

Do I have to enroll in a specific number of credits to keep my scholarship?

Yes. Most UMUC scholarships require undergraduate and graduate students to enroll in at least six (6) credits for the semester for which the scholarship has been awarded. Failure to comply with the enrollment requirement may result in a cancellation of the scholarships. You are responsible for any balances incurred as a result of the cancellation.

How much can I receive in a UMUC scholarship?

Like all scholarships, UMUC scholarship awards vary.

I submitted UMUC's online scholarship application by the priority filing date and I met the minimum criteria. Why wasn't I awarded a scholarship?

UMUC makes every effort to equitably award as many scholarships as possible; however, scholarship awarding is based on the availability of limited funding.

Can I receive more than one UMUC scholarship?

Yes, it is possible to receive more than one UMUC scholarship during an academic year. However, students who are receiving the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship or President's Scholarship are ineligible to receive the UMUC Completion Scholarship.

When will my scholarship disburse?

Remember, UMUC scholarships require six (6) credits of enrollment. Consequently, scholarships will disburse ten (10) days prior to the start date of the course that gives the student six (6) credits of enrollment.

State Scholarships

Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Scholarships

How do I apply for an MHEC scholarship?

If you are a Maryland resident, you can apply for MHEC scholarships by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please visit for more details.

When will my MHEC award show on my UMUC student award screen?

You should log into your Maryland College Aid Processing System (MD CAPS) account to view and accept your award(s). If the awards are not available, speak with an MHEC representative by calling 800-974-0203.

MHEC says UMUC has my award. Why doesn't my award appear in my UMUC student account?

The UMUC Financial Aid Office downloads MHEC awards once a week. If you have accepted the award(s) on your Maryland College Aid Processing System (MD CAPS) account, you should check the myUMUC student portal daily to view the award(s).

Why was my MHEC award changed/canceled?

There are various reasons why an MHEC award can be decreased, increased, or cancelled. Contact MHEC at 800-974-0203 for details regarding any awarding changes.

District of Columbia Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG)

How do I apply for DCTAG?

Students interested in receiving the DC Tuition Assistance Grant should contact the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) regarding eligibility requirements. Please note that OSSE will only cover courses that are 100 percent on-site.


Private/Third-Party Scholarships

When will my private/third-party scholarship award appear on my account?

It depends on how the individual awarding organization manages the scholarship. Some companies will send a check right away. In these cases, the award can be processed once eligibility has been established. Other agencies may request to be invoiced. Consequently, in these cases, awards cannot be processed until the funds have been received.

The organization says UMUC has the scholarship funds. Why don't I see them in my account?

There are various reasons you may not see your third-party/private scholarship on your UMUC student account. Submit a request to or visit for further assistance.