Center for Security Studies

Application Process 

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Who Can Apply?

  • Civilians who do not currently work for the DoD
  • Non-active-duty military personnel

How to Apply

  1. Only students at designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Education (CAE/IAE) and Centers of Academic Excellence–Research (CAE-R) may apply. Review the list of schools for clarification. UMUC is a designated CAE/IAE.
    Note: Students selected must attend full-time.
  2. Review all application instructions and materials on the Scholarships page. Pay close attention to the mandatory conditions of financial assistance and employment.
  3. The UMUC due date for the 2013 scholarship application package expired on February 4, 2013. We are no longer accepting applications for 2013.
  4. Obtain all of the information required for a complete application package. You must provide all information that is requested on the Scholarships page, plus any information that may be required by your school. (Application due dates and requirements may vary from school to school).
  5. Fill out and sign the required scholarship application located on the Scholarships page and provide and sign all supplemental statements that are part of the package.
  6. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. Students are required to submit the application package in print form to the following address:

Center for Security Studies
University of Maryland University College
Attn: Jennifer Hull
3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783

Contact the Center for Security Studies