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Q: I will be finishing the last 10 credits of my undergraduate program in computer studies in the summer. I have not yet applied for the graduate program but am very interested in applying for this scholarship. Should I apply to graduate school before completing my undergraduate studies as well as applying for the scholarship as a graduate student?

A: Since pre-acceptance to a program is a requirement for receiving the scholarship, you will need to apply for the undergraduate scholarship. If you apply and are admitted to a graduate program before February 11, then you may apply for the graduate scholarship.


Q: I took one course at UMUC in the past but I am not pursuing a degree. I am interested in the scholarship and would resume my studies if eligible.

A: You have to be an admitted student in good standing in the program to be eligible.


Q: I am a Federal employee. Can I apply for the scholarship?

A: Federal employees—with the exception of current Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employees—are eligible for the scholarship. You should be aware that your current job might not necessarily qualify for the internship requirement or the federal employment requirement after graduation. You may be assigned at a different agency.


Q: I am currently pursuing another track but would like to switch to the information assurance track in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

A: You are eligible to apply. However, you may have to take extra courses in order to fulfill the requirements for the degree in the information assurance track, certification or concentration.

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Q: What salary grade level will I be placed in when I graduate?

A: Your grade would be at the discretion of the employing agency and it would be commensurate with the position and your qualifications.


Q: How can I obtain personal references?

A: Personal references can be from various sources. Valuable references could be from your supervisors at work, professors (current or former) and others who can attest to your knowledge, character and motivation.


Q: Do I have to be enrolled at UMUC or can I attend another school?

A: You have to be enrolled in an NSA-designated Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) and apply at that institution. UMUC is an NSA-designated Center of Academic Excellence. See the complete list of CAEs.


Q: Where can I find additional information?

A: Please visit the DOD Information Assurance Scholarship Program site.

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Q: How do I contact my academic advisor about curriculum planning?

A: Visit the academic advisor Web site for more information about enrollment services and academic advising. Please be advised that enrollment advising will not be able to answer questions about the scholarship. They can only help with your courses for academic planning purposes.


Q: I am a professional working in the field, and pursuing a certificate in that field with a management degree at a graduate school. I do a lot of Federal government contracting in information assurance/information security. However, I am attempting to get into the Federal government as a civil servant. Will I still be paid the same as someone with little or no experience?

A: Usually internships are anywhere from a GS-04 to a GS-09. Permanent employment could be anywhere from a GS-05 to a GS-12. It all depends on the agency that has selected the student since they decide salary levels. They do take into consideration education level, experience, certificates, prior military service and possible other factors. So no, if selected, you would not be paid the same as someone with no experience.


Q: Is there any talk of extending the deadline?

A: No, we do not accept applications past the due date.

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