Welcome from the Program Chair

Welcome to the Biotechnology and Laboratory Management programs at the Undergraduate School!

Did you know that graduates with skills in laboratory procedures and protocols are in high demand in this age of science and technology?

Career opportunities for graduates in biotechnology and laboratory management are consistently expanding. This means that career opportunities for persons trained in biotechniques, instrumentation and lab management areas will be high.

UMUC’s Biotechnology and Laboratory Management programs are uniquely designed to build on the skills obtained by graduates of Maryland community colleges who receive their Associate of Applied Science degree. The biology and natural science minors build science foundations that can serve majors in other disciplines such as environmental management, psychology and gerontology. The certificate in Biosecurity prepares students to address infectious outbreaks and provides crucial knowledge and skills for public safety officers and hazardous materials technicians.

Faculty in UMUC’s science programs and certificate programs are primarily professionals working in a variety of private and public settings devoted to research, development, technology and national security. They bring their expertise and experience to the classroom. They share a passion for teaching as well as a commitment to excellence that transcends the classroom. Whether you take the one-credit course on The Role of Nutrition in Cancer and Heart Disease or the Energy After Petroleum course, you will inevitably come away from our science courses with a richer appreciation of the complex interdependency of nature, technology and health.


Debra F. McLaughlin, PhD
Program Chair, Science, and
Collegiate Professor