Debby Mathis — 2011 Staff Advisory Council Representative

Department: Undergraduate Advising
Title: Senior Academic Advisor


In January 2010, I will have been with UMUC for 10 years. I have performed a broad spectrum of duties as an undergraduate advisor. I began my career with UMUC as an advisor to our general student population and then moved to the military team. For a change of pace, I transferred to the degree audit team and then to Maryland Operations as the community college outreach advisor for both the College of Southern Maryland and Prince George's Community College. I am currently the advisor at the Waldorf Center and serve a population of students that range from first-time college students, to transfers from local community colleges, to military and VA students and students either returning to school or returning to UMUC.

One of my favorite things to do is staff training. When on the military team, a colleague and I developed a military advising program and a military training manual. A colleague and I recently developed and presented training for Maryland Operations to enhance customer service skills for both front line staff and advisors. My communication skills would be an asset to the Advisory Committee.

Nomination Essay

My educational background is in counseling psychology. I love working with people. I especially enjoy working with special populations. I volunteered to work as an advisor for UMUC's Workforce Development program which guides low income members of the community toward our certificate program.

I have a heart to serve others. I am dedicated in my service to our students and my colleagues. I am organized and always thinking about innovative ways to get the job done. In any endeavor, my main concern is the well-being of others. I will never forget what one of my colleagues said to me when it was announced I was moving to the military team, "But Debby, who is going to speak up for us?" I have always cherished that compliment.

Over the years, I have witnessed the exponential growth of UMUC. As an institution we are on a solid foundation and exciting path to greater expansion. It would be an honor to serve on the Advisory Committee and play a more intricate role in the work ahead of us.