Policy 410.20 - Appointments - Employment of Members of Same Family

This Replaces
File: 410.20 410.20
Date: 10/14/13 1/9/86

ORIGINATOR: Office of Human Resources

SUBJECT: Appointments - Employment of Members of Same Family

The University of Maryland University College reaffirms its policy to base appointments and promotions on qualifications and performance.

In keeping with this policy, members of the same family, including husband and wife, are eligible for employment as faculty members as they have been eligible for positions within the nonexempt system. However, a supervisor-employee relationship shall not prevail in these instances at the time of employment or thereafter, nor shall one member of the family relationship assume for the other the role of advocate or judge with respect to conditions of employment or promotion.

Where members of the same family are recommended to work for the same supervisor, the arrangement shall be approved in advance by the President.