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Evaluating Web Sites - UMUC Library

Welcome to this Information and Library Services Tutorial on evaluating Web sites. In this tutorial, you will learn how to determine whether a Web site contains

Evaluate Web Resources - UMUC Library

For research, the Web lacks the quality assurance that editors provide with print publications or that librarians provide when collecting materials for their library.www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/webresources.cfm

UMUC Library

Research Databases; Subject Guides; Journal Finder; Library Catalog; E-Books. OneSearch. Articles ... Recommended databases, books, Web sites... Or jump ...www.umuc.edu/library

Use Web of Science Databases to Find Highly Cited Articles ...

Welcome to this Information and Library Services tutorial on using Web of Science databases to find highly cited articles on a topic. This tutorial will take
about ...

Use Web of Science Databases for Cited Reference Searching ...

You may access the library's Web of Science databases by going to the library's home page and then clicking on the "Research Databases" link.www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/woscitedreferences_tutorial.cfm

MLA Citation Examples - UMUC Library

Source. Works Cited List. Section of a Web site. "Global Sea Turtle Populations Decline." Sea Turtle Restoration Project. 26 May 2002.www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/mla_examples.cfm

APA Citations: DOIs - UMUC Library

Welcome to this Information and Library Services tutorial on APA citations. ... To learn more about APA citations, please visit our library Web site, where you will ...www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/apadoi_tutorial.cfm

Tips for Searching Google Scholar via UMUC - UMUC Library

Google Scholar searches a small portion of UMUC library research databases, as well as the free Web, to retrieve summaries of books and articles in a variety of

APA Citation Examples - UMUC Library

Source. Reference List Citation. A specific page within a Web site. Single author: Freitas, N. (2015, January 6). People around the ...www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/apa_examples.cfm

Locate and Evaluate Scholarly Articles - UMUC Library

Using library research databases will give you higher quality, more focused results than you will find by only going to a Web search engine such as Google
and ...

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