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Government Information:
Searching the Library Databases

Why search the library databases?

Many of UMUCs subscription databases contain full text government documents.

Which databases to use:

From the library homepage, click Search by Subject.

Search by Subject

Then choose Political Science, which will take you to a list of recommended databases that contain general Political Science information.

Political Science

NEXT...Click on the U.S. Federal Tab at the top of the page:

U.S. Federal tab

Once you are in the U.S. Federal tab in the Guide to Political Science, you can find a variety of recommended resources for your search for Government documents. GPO Access and the government information hub called are especially useful resources for searching for government publications.

Guide to Political Science Resources

The GPO Access contains government information exclusively. is an information hub for agency-wide government publications listed by subject. The other databases will contain some government publications along with other, non-governmental information. The Military & Government Collection includes the publications of numerous trade and professional organizations along with government and military publications. Other government information hubs such as and are also great starting points for finding government publications related to those subjects.

For help in searching in the library databases, see our How to Find Articles guide.