Electronic Reserves Services Overview

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Welcome to the Electronic Reserves Services presentation. This presentation will give you what you need to know in order to request and use Electronic Reserves in your WebTycho classes.

Electronic Reserves, or "Ereserves," provides required course materials in digital format for WebTycho classes.

As a UMUC faculty member, you can request that assigned readings be placed in the Reserved Readings section in your WebTycho classes.

Information and Library Services obtains copyright clearance for Reserved Reading materials to ensure that UMUC is in compliance with all laws that control the use of copyrighted materials.

Let's begin the introduction to Ereserves Services. In this presentation you will learn ways of using Ereserves to support your teaching in your WebTycho or WebTycho-enhanced classes.

How you can "help us to help you" in processing your requests for Reserved Readings and making them available quickly, and finally, what you need to do in order to make an Ereserves request.

Let's look first at what we can do for you. Based on the information you provide, Ereserves staff locates, obtains, and posts materials in your WebTycho class. We scan and digitize the materials when necessary.

Ereserves then obtains copyright permissions for items that are protected by copyright. If the item is being used by you for the first time in an individual class, it may be used under the fair use statute of the United States copyright law. Because we determine what needs copyright clearance, Ereserves takes the guessing out of the equation and lets you focus on teaching.

Ereserves provides either instructions or direct links to access materials when they are available within the library databases provided by Information and Library Services. This saves the University money because we already own the materials.

Here are examples of the different ways that we provide Reserved Readings in the classroom. This one is a PDF file. When a journal article or book is only available in paper format, Ereserves staff scans the material and places it in one or more PDF files. Students can use the Adobe Reader to read it. This software can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe Web site if the student does not already have it.

This example is a direct link to the article in one of the library databases, ABI/INFORM [pronounced "A-B-I Inform"]. Students can click on a link and to get access to the full text article.

Now let's talk about ways that Ereserves can help you get your classes started off right and support your teaching.

Use Reserved Readings for student assignments. Students can easily view, download, and print the readings, and you won't have to locate the material, scan them, or worry about copyright permissions. Ereserves will do all the work for you.

Use Reserved Readings to stimulate students' discussion and participation in your class and make it more interesting. Use readings from current news, case studies from Harvard Business School , or current journal articles, for example.

Use sets of Reserved Readings as group projects for your class. For example, you could ask students to select from the readings provided and discuss different topics relevant to the class. Divide students into groups and assign one group to analyze or summarize one topic and compare and contrast it to another, for example.

Now, you should have some ideas about using Ereserves to support your teaching. Here's what we need from you.

We need your requests before the beginning of the semester if possible. When you are ready to request our services, please be sure to allow enough time for staff to process your requests, locate materials, and obtain copyright permissions. Ereserves is very busy at the beginning of the semester, and requests are handled on a first-come first-served basis. The sooner you make your requests, the sooner they can be in your classroom for students to access.

Please provide correct information on the materials you requested.

This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do, it will expedite the process of you requests; otherwise, Ereserves staff must spend extra time locating the materials and may not be able to find them.

For book chapters, request less than 20% to be placed as Reserved Readings. Ereserves policies limit requests to 20% and most publishers will not allow the use more than 20% of work to be used, especially when a book is sill in print and available for purchase. For example, if the book is 300 pages long, 60 pages may be requested. Note that individual publishers may have different limits and may deny use all together. We will notify you via email if this occurs. Also note that textbooks and entire books that are readily available should not be requested for Ereserves, and should be required for purchase by the students.

Here is a Checklist for the Ereserves process that you can use in making your requests.

Number 1, prepare list of required readings with complete and correct citations.

Number 2, submit your requests using the Reserved Readings Request Form. The form is self explanatory. It displays the classes you are teaching so you can choose readings for all of them at once or one at a time. You also can choose from requests that you made for your previous classes or select from readings that have been requested by others in your discipline for their classes.

Number 3, if we own the requested materials via our library databases and copyright permissions are not required, they can be posted to your WebTycho class within a week.

Number 4, if we don't own or are unable to locate the requested materials, we will try to obtain the materials via other sources, such as Inter-Library Loan from other libraries in the U.S. Please allow at least two weeks to receive and process materials borrowed in this way.

Number 5, after completing your requests, we will notify you via email. We will also contact you if there are any issues with your requests, such as if the publisher has denied the use of the material.

For questions regarding Reserved Readings, please refer to the Adobe Help page for readings with PDF files format.

For more information on using Electronic Reserves Services, please visit our Ereserves FAQ on the ILS Web site or contact Ereserves at ereserves@umuc.edu

Thank you for watching this presentation. Visit us often for all your library information needs.