eReserve Readings for Classes Ending on October 12

eReserve readings for classes ending on October 12 got prematurely removed from classrooms.  We do apologize for this and are investigating the cause.

Students do not currently have access to the readings.

Faculty members still have access to the readings.  You can send the readings to your students by doing the following:

  1. Go into your classroom, under eReserves. In the list of readings, click the title of the reading, then click "view this item" for the items you wish to send.
  2. If the item is a link to a reading in a database, give the link to the students. (But don’t just cut and paste the browser URL.  Look first and see if the article provides a link to use, such as a “permalink.”)
  3. If the item is a PDF, then download a copy to your computer and send it to students as an e-mail attachment.