Financial Aid: Can I request an adjustment to my loan?

You can request to have your loan amount adjusted, but the method of the request depends on whether or not the funds have been disbursed to your account or whether you previously declined them.

If your loan has not disbursed to your account
You can change the amount of your loan or the manner in which your loan is distributed in your Student Center (via MyUMUC). 

  1. Login to MyUMUC, then click Student Center
  2. Click Financial Aid
  3. Click the Awards tab to view your Award Summary.
  4. Click the Accept/Decline sub-tab to modify your financial aid. 
  5. After making adjustments, click Submit

If your loan has disbursed to your account
You can submit a case if your loan has disbursed to your account and you wish to request a change. Submit a Case through the 
Help Center and attach a signed statement of your intent.
If you want funds that you previously declined
You can request funds that you previously declined, but the money will have to be re-offered. To request funds you previously declined, you can submit a Case through the 
Help Center.

NotePlease allow two business days for processing.