Prepare for Your First Class

Prepare for online study and be ready for your first class by checking off a few important tasks.

Pre-Class Checklist


Learn how to use UMUC's online classroom tools through a series of helpful video tutorials in order to have the best learning experience possible.

Classroom Orientation


Wondering how an online class works? Learn about the best practices and how to prepare yourself for success in UMUC's online classroom.

Interacting Online

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Started.

Congratulations on taking the first step on your academic journey! Get off on the right foot with these tools, resources, and strategies that will help you not only prepare for your first class but also develop the study habits that will carry you through your entire degree program. And if you run into questions along the way, just call on your team for help.

Free 1-Credit Online Class

Try out online learning at UMUC for free, and learn strategies for success as an online college student. CAPL 101: Create Your Learning Plan can apply toward your degree as an elective. Learn more: Call 800-888-UMUC (8682) or e-mail

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Get Organized

  • Order your books and course materials, if needed.
  • Set up a study space.
  • Log in to your classroom one week before class starts and follow your faculty member's instructions.

See the complete list of all suggested to-do items.

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