Faculty Professional Development Grant Program

UMUC recognizes the importance of continuing professional development in research, scholarship, and professional engagement for its faculty. To be effective in the classroom, faculty need to stay informed of current issues and research in their respective disciplines. Therefore, each academic year, UMUC makes reimbursement funds available to support faculty at professional conferences in the following ways: making presentations, leading workshops or serving as an officer of the discipline-specific organization hosting a conference.


Professional development grants are available to undergraduate and graduate adjunct faculty in the United States. Collegiate faculty and academic administrators should apply to their own departments for funding support.

To qualify for a professional development grant, a faculty member must meet the following criteria

  • Taught at least three semesters or terms and be in good standing with UMUC
  • Teaching at UMUC during the semester or term in which the proposed professional conference will occur (or is scheduled to teach in the next semester or term after the event)
  • Must identify UMUC as their conference institution/sponsor
  • Does not receive any travel or faculty development support funds from other sources
  • Has not received a UMUC professional development grant within the past two fiscal years

Application Form and Selection Criteria

Interested faculty members must complete a travel form and an application, and submit them with the appropriate academic department signatures to Faculty Development. Additionally they are expected to submit a detailed outline of their presentation with the application and the full presentation prior to presenting at the Conference. Once approved, the applicant will be notified.

Factors that are considered in selecting grant recipients include

  • Relevance of the conference to enhancing their teaching at UMUC
  • Past participation in faculty development workshops and programs at UMUC
  • Consistently positive course evaluations
  • Service to UMUC

Award Categories

The maximum grant stipend as a UMUC presenter is $900 for domestic travel and $1,800 for foreign travel. All grant stipends will be paid after the applicant has attended the event and has submitted a completed expense reimbursement form with attached receipts (e.g., airline tickets, event registration, hotel registration) to show evidence of participation. No grant stipends will be given in advance.

Professional Conferences and Past Awards

For your convenience, lists of upcoming professional conferences have been compiled by academic discipline and date.

UMUC faculty members have received professional development grants as presenters in the past at a wide variety of events. Use the links below to view the list of award recipients and conferences.