Faculty Consultant Service

Faculty Development Consultant service is an effort by Faculty Development to provide diverse approaches to supporting University of Maryland University College (UMUC) faculty. The consultants are available to answer questions from all UMUC faculty members using WebTycho, whether they teach for UMUC-Asia, UMUC-Europe, stateside Undergraduate School, or stateside Graduate School. Consulting will be available via e-mail only.

Who Is It For?

This service will support worldwide faculty using the WebTycho platform. Faculty members may be relatively new to WebTycho or veteran faculty. Both those teaching completely online and those who use WebTycho to enhance their face-to-face classes are welcome to submit questions.

Who Are The Consultants?

The consultants are all veteran faculty, selected by the Faculty Development staff based on their years of experience and excellence in DE teaching. Most of the consultants have provided many years of service at UMUC and have experience as CTLA201 trainers of faculty from all of UMUC's divisions.

How Does It Work?

The consultant will respond by e-mail within 24-36 hours to e-mailed questions from faculty concerning such topics as online teaching methods and strategies, implementation of lessons learned in WebTycho training, interaction techniques, managing difficult students, providing effective feedback, workload management, and the why and when of using WebTycho features. This service is NOT designed to answer technical questions about WebTycho software, discipline specific or content-related questions, nor is it to provide sustained tutoring or large-scale instructional design assistance.

Suppose My Question Concerns More Than One Sort Of Issue?

We know that some questions are a mixture of technical and pedagogical questions or that the answer might involve research or follow up with other parties. The consultant will attempt to answer all questions but will also provide referrals to appropriate entities such as the library, WebTycho Technical Support, or other academic administrators.

How Do I Contact A Faculty Development Consultant?

You may send your question(s) to: CTLconsult@polaris.umuc.edu

Note: Please use this e-mail address for all communications with the Faculty Development Consultants—do not e-mail consultants at their personal e-mail addresses.

If you have any questions about the service, please contact CTLA@polaris.umuc.edu.