Expectations for Faculty Teaching at UMUC

The documents attached below in PDF format represent a base-line set of standards for teaching in both the online and face-to-face classrooms. They are grounded in the UMUC research studies into best instructional practices of the Fleming-Carswell study of the Graduate School and in the Best Online Instructional Practices Study produced by the Office of Evaluation, Research, and Grants (formerly IRAHE). They also draw on the combined experience and expertise of those at UMUC who work closely with online and face-to-face teaching faculty and reflect extensive input from Faculty Development, the Graduate School, the Faculty Advisory Council, UMUC Asia and Europe, the Undergraduate School, the Office of Evaluation, Research, and Grants, as well as the Provost's Office. 

In 2011, a single document, the UMUC Undergraduate School Guidelines for Undergraduate Teaching, was developed to address all formats for undergraduate teaching and to integrate the principles of the original Expectations with those from the Undergraduate School’s learning model.

As a base-line set of expectations, the documents are meant to promote consistent quality standards throughout UMUC. A faculty member's school or discipline may require additional practices or stipulations for teaching, based on unique characteristics of a particular program. Faculty should consult with their academic administrators if they have any questions about the requirements for classrooms and practices in their programs.

For those who teach in the Graduate School, there is a Graduate School version of the document included below.