Grading Guidelines

UMUC faculty are expected to assign grades that accurately reflect the work students have completed in their classes. Each faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the course syllabus clearly communicates performance standards and for applying these standards fairly and consistently throughout the session. An overview of UMUC's grading policy is provided below.

For additional information on assigning, submitting or changing grades, see Section 2.7 of the Worldwide Faculty Handbook.

Recording Grades

The online classroom contains an electronic grade book that faculty use to track and calculate their students' grades throughout the session. Faculty members are required to use this grade book to provide students with interim feedback on their performance throughout the session.

Guidelines on the recommended frequency of interim grading are available in The Undergraduate School Guidelines for Undergraduate Teaching or The Graduate School Faculty Expectations.

Final Grades

Official and final grades must be submitted via the electronic grade roll in the MyUMUC faculty portal. (See Posting Final Grades for instructions.)

Faculty should enter the final grade within 72 hours of the end of the course. If outstanding work is still missing, unless the student has requested and been granted an Incomplete, the instructor should give the final grade based on work received – assuming a zero for the missing work. Faculty cannot take it on themselves to give an Incomplete – it must be requested by the student.

Grade Changes

Faculty may change grades, if necessary, for four months after the class ends by accessing the electronic grade roster in MyUMUC. Changing grades is generally prohibited unless a student's grade was miscalculated, an error was made in posting the grade, or a mark of I was submitted and the final grade must be updated. After four months, faculty members must contact their program chair for clearance to change a grade before submitting the electronic grade change request.