Faculty Textbook Services

Course Material Adoption

The academic/program directors, in conjunction with committee members, select the course materials.

The Graduate School and The Undergraduate School each has a course material adoption database.

The schools also each have a textbook coordinator who helps the academic/program directors to manage the textbook adoption process.

Faculty Center Network

The Faculty Center Network is a one-stop resource for faculty to review college-level textbooks and make informed decisions about textbook adoption. Users can search or browse more than 300,000 textbook titles from more than 5,000 publishers.

For each textbook, the service lists the author information and biography, as well as the cover image, book summary, table of contents, sample chapters and prefaces, and links to book supplements available to students. In addition, textbooks are cross-referenced with previous editions, and extensive publisher information is offered.

On a title-by-title basis, publisher reviews are provided with links to the publisher's Web site for additional information. With each title, publisher contact information is provided for users who want to request a professional review copy. This information is different from the publisher information database that includes publisher address, phone number and e-mail addresses for key personnel.

Learn more about navigating the Faculty Center Network.

Visit the Faculty Center Network today, and browse through the extensive database of information.

Course Materials Request Form

Use the Course Materials Request Form to request the following:

  • Course development materials
  • Reference texts
  • Examination/review copies of books

Note: Most publishers will grant a free book or free access to an e-book.

The following types of faculty may request course materials:

  • Faculty teaching for the first time
  • Prospective faculty who are in the hiring process
  • Faculty in WebTycho Training

Requests are processed and textbooks shipped to faculty within seven to 10 days if stock is available. The estimated delivery time for course materials that are ordered from publishers is 20-24 business days.

Desk Copies

Desk copies are automatically sent to faculty members who are officially staffed in PeopleSoft once they are assigned to teach a course. Requests are sent to the publishers by the Desk Copy Group in Textbook Operations. Desk copies cannot be ordered and shipped until a faculty member is staffed in PeopleSoft. Desk copies are ordered shortly after the 95 percent staffing deadline is met. If our database shows that we have previously ordered a textbook for a faculty member, a new book will not be shipped unless we receive a specific request to replace a text.

Your updated mailing address ensures the delivery of the textbooks to your location of choice. Learn how to update your mailing address in MyUMUC.

If you have not received your books at least four to six weeks prior to the start of your course, please contact Deskcopies@umuc.edu or call 240-684-2632.

E-Chapter Request

The first three chapters of the textbooks taught in your course can be uploaded to WebTycho. E-chapter requests should be made at the time of course/textbook adoption by your academic/program director. The E-Chapter Group in Textbook Operations will then obtain the requested chapters from the publisher. Once the three chapters are requested and posted in the WebTycho classroom, they will be posted for all sections of the course for the semester. Our goal is to have all the chapters requested available in your classrooms four weeks prior to the class start date.

If you have concerns regarding your e-chapter posting, please contact TextbookE-chapter@umuc.edu or call 240-684-2729.

Virtual Bookstore

MBS Direct offers the most comprehensive, complete, and convenient online and mail-order shopping for required textbooks through the UMUC Virtual Bookstore. MBS guarantees availability of new and used inventory, shipping discounts if books are ordered online, no sales tax and an easy return and buyback program. Orders are shipped via UPS within 24 hours of receipt, Monday through Friday. Overnight and two-day delivery is available for an additional fee.