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MyUMUC Portal

UMUC's online information portal for students, faculty and staff is MyUMUC. Online transactions, including updating contact information, viewing class lists, submitting exams, and posting or changing grades are completed through MyUMUC. If you have difficulty accessing MyUMUC, contact Help@UMUC (or call 1-888-360-UMUC (8682)).

In MyUMUC semesters and sessions are referenced differently than in WebTycho. The first digit represents the century. The middle two digits represent the current year. Finally, the last digit represents the academic term. So with the new naming convention, mid-fall 2008 is 2088. Faculty will need to understand that in MyUMUC transactions, this new semester coding will be present, but in WebTycho, the old semester coding information will be used.



Technical Requirements

WebTycho has JavaScript 1.5 technical requirements. Please read the important note in WebTycho about JavaScript 1.5 and the Text Formatting Editor (TFE). You can also check to see if your current computer and software are compatible with WebTycho's technical requirements by going to the Help site under Setting Up.

Syllabus Tool

To access and edit your class syllabus, follow the steps below:

  • Login to WebTycho with your username and password.
  • Click on the link to the class you wish to visit
  • Click on the Faculty Center link on the left menu.

    Once you click on the Faculty Center link, click on Manage to the right of the Syllabus option. You are now looking at the syllabus for your course, where you can view/edit the Grading Information, Project Descriptions, Course Schedule, Other Information, etc. by selecting them under Edit Sections. When you complete your edits, you will either Submit for Approval or Publish to Students. Any subsequent updates must also be made through the Syllabus Tool, and your syllabus must be republished each time a change is made.

    A complete guide on using the WebTycho Syllabus Tool is available online at the DE Oracle.

    Additional Notes on Syllabi:

    Grading Information: List for your students the percentage weights you will assign to graded assignments/quizzes/tests/examinations/online participation. Generally speaking, the total should add up to 100%. You should also publish your letter grade values here. Discuss other course issues that are important to you, such as your expectations for conference participation or examination guidelines.

    Project Descriptions: Explain in detail the specifics of each of your graded assignments, including formatting, method of submission (online or hard copy mail), due dates, and assignment content.

    Course Schedule: Provide week-to-week reading (with accurate page numbers), writing, and conference participation assignments with due dates. NOTE: A link to a model schedule for the course is located in the edit screen. If you visit this link, a new browser window will open. You can copy from the model into your schedule. Line breaks may appear incorrect after pasting, but they will be correct after you hit the Submit button

Faculty Bio

Your students will appreciate getting to know you through your Faculty Bio. If you have not already done so, please take some time to write a little about yourself in your Faculty Bio area of WebTycho, which can be found by clicking on Options on the top WebTycho menu bar, and scrolling to My Biography. The information you put in your biography will be available in all of your classes.


Course Materials

You can view a list of course materials for your WebTycho class by clicking on the course materials link in the syllabus. Please review the materials listed on the link for each course you are teaching.

If you are to be sent faculty desk copies of your course materials, you can review that information by logging into your MyUMUC account and clicking:

To Faculty Portal > Faculty Self-Service > MyAcademics > Course Management > Course Materials

If you have any questions about textbooks, please contact

For classes that have video broadcast support, check the updated video schedule (showing the series).


Helpful Notes and Hints

  • Keep a backup on a disk or hard drive of all of the materials you prepare for your class, including materials for your syllabus and other content areas
  • Go to the Help link on the login page of WebTycho to find faculty information and syllabus preparation memory refreshers and tutorials.
  • After you submit your revisions, return to your online syllabus to verify that students will see what you think you entered! This is the time to edit your grammar and spelling and double-check for accuracy, completeness, and clarity.

Points of Contact

  • Contact your Assistant Dean or Academic Director with questions/concerns about textbook selection or academic content.
  • Contact the Web Course Development team at if the content of the model syllabus is not loaded into the following sections of your syllabus: Course Introduction, Course Goals, Course Materials, Project Descriptions, and Grading Information. 
  • Support information for Faculty Services and WebTycho:

Help@UMUC can help answer your Tycho, MyUMUC and other learning applications questions. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via self-help, phone, and chat. Contact Help@UMUC  at or call 1-888-360-UMUC (8682).