Classroom Interruption Planning Guide

It’s never too early to plan for unexpected classroom interruptions. The Classroom Interruption Planning Guide [PDF] outlines a number of steps you can take to help ensure you are prepared if your classroom becomes inaccessible for an extended period of time.

Use this guide during occasions such as when

  • WebTycho is inaccessible for more than 24 hours

  • Physical classrooms are inaccessible for more than one class meeting

  • Library services are unavailable

  • External events affect regular classroom continuity

Seven Key Tasks

At a glance, here are seven key tasks mentioned in the Planning Guide that will facilitate your preparation plans:

  1. Document and safely store student e-mail addresses and phone numbers (page 3).

  2. Document and safely store UMUC contact information, including your director, course administrator, WebTycho Support, and the UMUC weather/emergency hotline (page 4).

  3. Create a backup copy of the Gradebook and update it as you add grades throughout the semester (page 5).

  4. Back up all critical teaching materials, such as the syllabus, lectures, assignments, conference discussion topics, and quizzes (page 5).

  5. Encourage students to keep their personal information in MyUMUC up to date and inform you of any changes as soon as they occur (page 6).

  6. Back up conferences containing critical information that can’t be reproduced (page 6).

  7. Stay abreast and be aware of other technologies you may want to use during an outage (page 6).

Be sure to review the full Classroom Interruption Planning Guide [PDF] for more details on how to create contingency materials ahead of time, as well as how to continue teaching and learning activities; how to return to normal classroom routines if an extended classroom interruption does occur; and how to properly handle student and course content used outside of UMUC systems.