Agreement for the Grade of Incomplete

For your convenience, you may fill out this form and print it. This agreement should be retained by faculty and student to confirm the approval and conditions for the Incomplete grade. Do not send to UMUC headquarters unless requested.

Student Name:


Student ID Number:

Course Number:

   Section Number:

Course Name:




The above named student is eligible to receive the mark of I (incomplete) for the course specified. The I will be converted to a letter grade upon completion of the following requirements: 

The course requirements must be completed by:
(Not more than four months from the end of the course.)

If the course requirements are NOT completed as scheduled, the I will be converted to the following letter grade.

Please Note: If a letter grade is not specified, the I will become an F if the course requirements are not completed as scheduled.

This change was requested by the student on

Faculty Signature:  _____________________________ Date:  ___________________

Faculty name (Please Print):  ______________________________________________