Benjamin Terry Williams - 2014 FAC Representative

(Benjamin) Terry WilliamsE-mail:
ivision: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: IFSM


Hi! My name is Benjamin Terry Williams. I have been active as a FAC member the last four years. With your help, I will be elected to my third and final term to complete work in progress.

UMUC has been a big part of my life. I have been an adjunct instructor for UMUC for 17+ years and earned a degree myself from UMUC.

I currently hold the position Adjunct Associate Professor at UMUC and teach IFSM courses. In my 17+ years, I have taught courses in English and German in addition to IFSM. I started in the European Division in 1979 and until 1986 I taught English and German courses as a face-to-face instructor. That was a lot of fun! Since heading back to the States, I have worked as an IT Manager/Consultant. Since 2003, I have been teaching UMUC IFSM courses online through the Adelphi Campus. I particularly enjoy teaching Systems Analysis & Design, Project Management, and Ethics in the Information Age.

I have completed Ph.D. coursework in Information Systems and my dissertation is under review. I earned a MS in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from Georgia State University and MA's in English (Creative Writing) and Psychology from West Georgia University. I earned a BS in Business from UMUC (I'm particularly proud of this degree) and BA's in Philosophy and Political Science from West Georgia University. I have also studied at the University of Paris (Sorbonne), University of Mainz, University of Frankfurt, University of Lund, and University of Uppsala. As you see, I do like Europe. At this point, I'd like to be reelected to my seat on the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) to continue serving the faculty. In my spare time, I enjoy family activities, reading, writing, travel, walking, and following sports and the arts.

Nomination Essay

Through action, we make a difference and because we are, we can. That's been my worldview for years.

As I see it, the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) has two main functions in UMUC's shared governance process: 1) representing the faculty; 2) advising the administration. FAC channels the voices of faculty to the administration to improve governance. That's an important mission. And, yes, FAC can do it better. With my candidacy, I am committing to serving the faculty as a hardworking and trustworthy representative to fulfill this mission.

As educators, we all need to work together to ensure student, faculty, and administration needs are met. Together, we build the institution and make our impact. As educators, we all need foremost to be committed to our students... their education... and their future.

My election platform centers on the proposition that the UMUC governance process benefits if the faculty are given a greater voice. If I am elected, I will work with the administration cooperatively and productively, based on my faculty perspective. It will be my goal to demonstrate to the administration that UMUC is a better university IF there is an exemplary partnership between faculty and administration. Specifically, I will work for improved faculty job satisfaction and compensation/benefits.

We have been through trying times these last six months, and there are many important issues facing FAC and UMUC. How can we facilitate UMUC stability and growth while maintaining academic standards and facilitating faculty/administration consensus building and the improving of faculty salaries/benefits? It's difficult to deal with these key issues independently because they are all related. I believe increasing faculty inputs into governance processes is the single most important success factor for UMUC governance. For this reason, recognizing good faculty ideas and operationalizing them into practice represent the foundation of my election platform.