Betty Jo Mayeske - 2011 FAC Representative

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Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: Humanities, History


I  have taught for UMUC for about 35 years. My PhD is in ancient history from UMCP and my special field of research is Pompeii—the Roman city destroyed in AD 79.  My Pompeii Food and Drink Project is in its seventh season of work in Pompeii, Italy. We study all structures in the city and look for remains associated with food and drink.

I teach Classical Greece; Alexander the Great; Roman Republic; Roman Empire;  Ancient Cities: Pompeii and Tikal;  Religious Quest; Business and Professional Ethics; Worldviews in Human Expression; Classical Foundations; and Myth and Culture. In 1994 I received the first Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award. In 1997 I received recognition for service to UMUC's distance education program. I was chairperson of Humanities for seven years and was elected to FAC in 2006. I’m on the Board of Governors of the Washington Society of the American Institute of Archaeology and the Board of the Santa Fe Institute of Native Hispanic Cultures. 

In 1972 I designed the Open Learning instructional format and was the first director of UMUC's Open Learning division. This experiment was highly successful and is the precursor of all of UMUC’s Distance Education courses. In recognition, I was awarded an honorary degree from the British Open University and gave the graduation speech at Glasgow, Scotland.  Next I designed and developed the Open Learning Fire Service Program, a bachelors degree opportunity for fire fighters anywhere in the country studying at a distance.

Nomination Essay

FAC’s purpose is to ensure faculty a voice in institutional governance.  

Change the composition of the 15-member FAC. Currently there can be four adjunct members out of 15.85 % of faculty are adjuncts and 5% NOLs. Rewrite FAC Bylaws to reallocate the adjunct seats from nine to 13.   

Develop paths (three to seven years) to obtain permanence. The state of Maryland has employed permanent part-time employees for years. Faculty acquires some form of permanence, preference, or secure due process in hiring and firing, as a by-product of successful performance.  Without continuity, faculty is disposable and not worthy of shared governance.   

Develop a Faculty Governing Board (adjunct and collegiate) to decide faculty concerns). If adjuncts grieve, they are judged by panels that cannot include adjuncts. The student count in each course rose this semester without a raise. When senior faculty mentor new faculty, they can lose the course to the newbie. 

Petition the Governor and State Legislators. By allowing a state institution to underpay, exploit, and not share governance, the state devalues the faculty, as well as students. Additional state monies must be allocated to redress inequalities.    

Salaries and benefits are most important.  Adjuncts and NOLS received NO pay raises. Substantial raises were given to many others. Faculty should turn to the Board of Regents, legislators, and the UMUC Alumni Association. Elsewhere adjuncts are joining class action suits, voting for unions, and targeting difficult administrators and legislators.

If you share my frustration with institutional unfairness, please re-elect me. President Aldridge does listen to faculty and is fair. Because this institution and its students are so important to us, we must work to right what is wrong.  

Betty Jo Mayeske thanks you.