Adelaide Lagnese

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Division:  Undergraduate Adelphi
Category:  Collegiate
Program:  Legal Studies


I am a full time faculty member with the legal studies department here at UMUC. I had been the Director of the UMUC Legal Studies department for a number of years but switched to full time teaching faculty last year since teaching is what I truly love to do. I have taught courses in both classroom based and distance education formats. I have also developed online courses for UMUC.

Prior to affiliating with UMUC in 1984, I taught law courses in a graduate program, a law school, and paralegal programs in the District of Columbia. I practiced law with Pittsburgh Legal Services and with the Urban Law Institute in D.C which was part of Antioch School of Law. My law practice career focused on poverty law and providing legal services to those who have been traditionally underrepresented. 
I started my professional career as a secondary school mathematics teacher. While I was teaching at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf at Gallaudet College in D.C., I attended law school at night at Catholic University. 

Many years ago in the sixties I was a Vista volunteer in North Carolina doing community organization and teaching in a high school equivalency program for students who had to leave the public schools.

Nomination Essay

Having been with UMUC since 1984, I have a strong sense of the evolution and growth of faculty status and involvement. I am impressed with the present status but am the sort of person who will ask: can we be doing more? are there other ways for our input to be had? are there more effective ways to receive input from our adjuncts? I strongly believe in active participation and believe that as the heart of our University, our faculty voice must always be an effective presence. I would be one to both appreciate and be willing to tweak the status quo.

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