Nancy Higgins - 2009-2010 FAC Representative
2013 FAC Nominee

Nancy HigginsE-mail:
Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: Business and Professional Studies


I have taught for UMUC for over ten years and am currently an adjunct professor in the Business and Professional Management division.

I retired from Montgomery College, where I worked full time as a professor, a discipline coordinator for management, and a department chair. I have also worked in private industry.

I hold a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration with specialization in Human Resources, Management and Counseling. I have worked as an administrator/coordinator for colleges and universities throughout the country, developing numerous courses and programs, including a course in Diversity in the Workplace, and certificate programs in Managing Diversity, and Human Resources Management curricula and Certificate programs.

Since my education was undertaken while working full time and also as a military spouse, I have first- hand experience of the challenges faced by our students who are working full time or serving in the armed forces.

Nomination Essay

I served one term as a member of our Faculty Advisory Council, and would like the opportunity to serve my colleagues, our students, and UMUC once again in that capacity.

As a leader of students and former leader of committees at UMUC as well as Montgomery College, I feel I have the necessary qualifications to serve on the Faculty Advisory Council. See information below:

I planned the Martin Luther King event for my former college. It was attended by the county council as well as representatives from the federal government and county executive. I was awarded the humanitarian award by Montgomery County. I served as an advisor on the articulation committee for UMUC and Montgomery College for two years. I served on the Business Advisory Committee for UMUC.

I will strive to work toward maintaining the standards of the policies and procedures of this fine committee.

Dr. Nancy Higgins