Gayle Fisher-Stewart - 2012 FAC Representative

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Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Collegiate
Program: BAPP


Have taught for UMUC since 2002 and have developed courses for online and face-to-face presentation (undergrad and grad). Serve as mentor and course chair; participated in the SEGUE process and also worked on process to determine student credit transfer from other colleges. Member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee. Retired from the Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, D.C.) and a private consultant in criminal justice and organizational development. BS from UMUC; MS from American University; MA from University of the District of Columbia; MS from University of Maryland; PhD from University of Maryland; and MTS from Wesley Theological Seminary. Nominated several times for the Drazek Award and received the Teaching Excellence Award in 2007.

Nomination Essay

The over-arching reason for submitting the nomination is to ensure faculty members are being heard concerning teaching and the educational process.