Frank Concilus - 2014 FAC Representative

Frank ConcilusTitle: Collegiate Professor
Division: UMUC Asia
Category: Collegiate
Program: Humanities  


Dr. Concilus is a veteran of the UMUC faculty in Asia, teaching for many years at locations throughout Korea, and occasionally in Japan. He earned his B.A. in anthropology, linguistics and sociology from Colgate University, his M.A. in East Asian regional studies from Harvard University, and his Ph.D. in English with a concentration in linguistics and rhetoric at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where his dissertation was about Korean identity constructions. Dr. Concilus has taught at Harvard University, Sophia University in Tokyo, and at Ajou University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Korea. His initial experiences in Korea were with the U.S. Peace Corps, teaching at Pusan National University and at the secondary level in Pusan. He has carried out varied research in Korean culture, notably Korean Shamanism, resulting in a number of publications and presentations at professional conferences. Most of his teaching with UMUC has been in Korea, but he has also taught in various places in Japan, including Okinawa, Iwakuni, and Yokota. He plans to teach as a collegiate faculty member in Asia for the foreseeable future.

Nomination Essay

As a long-time UMUC faculty member, I believe I have a good grasp of the sort of issues that Asia Division faculty members routinely deal with. I am a strong advocate of shared governance and am encouraged by the policies that the new administration appears to be pursuing. If elected, I will work hard and vigorously to represent the interests of the faculty, especially the overseas faculty, and to improve the educational opportunities that we provide to our diverse student body. I previously served on the Grievance Committee and am presently serving on the Provost Search Committee. It would be an honor to represent the Asia Division on the Faculty Advisory Council.