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When a Selfie Just Won't Do

GradImages is the official photographer for Commencement at University of Maryland University College. The company will set up in the robing areas at each of our three ceremonies. A photographer will take your formal portrait as you line up before the Commencement procession.

GradImages will also photograph you as you shake hands with UMUC President Javier Miyares during the ceremony. We'll give you a pre-printed card that contains your contact information. A photographer's assistant will use the card to match your name and handshake photo.

Check Out Your Proofs

GradImages will follow up with you after the ceremony. They'll let you know when your proofs are ready to view at

And you can register your e-mail address and the addresses of up to six family members or friends who want photos of you and your bright, shiny smile.

Order prints at:

Save Five Bucks

Pre-register with GradImages and take $5 off a photo order of $25 or more.

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