Communication, Arts and Humanities

Welcome from the Vice Dean

Welcome to the Department of Communication, Arts and Humanities! The Department, known as COMM, offers major programs in Communication Studies and Professional Writing, East Asian Studies, English, Graphic Communication, History, and Humanities.

In addition, COMM offers Foreign Languages such as Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish.

All of these areas are worth studying and each has practical, real-world connections for careers in academia and the non-profit sector. Study in any of these areas also provides excellent preparation for careers in many areas: law, management, advertising, copywriting and marketing, teaching, sales, publishing, entertainment, journalism, human resources, insurance, museums, library and information services and other careers.

A recent survey of employers showed that the most important skill they seek in job candidates is the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems and work in groups. These "soft skills" are often known as "employability skills," the skills that make people effective on the job.  Soft skills, the skills developed by study in the areas represented in COMM, have been shown to be important in determining promotions and readiness for executive-level work. 

Employers report that over the next decades they will be looking for people with the skills and mind-set promoted by the areas represented in COMM:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Working in teams
  • Research
  • The ability to initiate and complete complex projects
  • The ability to move from one problem to another and to change frames of reference
  • Sensitivity to culture and diversity and the increasing globalization of society

You will be challenged to grow in these areas in COMM and in life.  Never before has a non-technical liberal education been such a good investment in your future. Never before has study in communication, arts and humanities been such a good investment in your future.

I invite you to explore COMM and to feel free to contact the Program Chairs in the Department if you have specific questions about our program.


Gretchen I. Jones, PhD
Vice Dean, Communication, Arts and Humanities