Essential Competencies for the 21st Century Manager

The "Essential Competencies for the 21st Century Manager" series will include 10 episodes that discuss the 10 managerial competencies that form the basis of the UMUC MBA program. The competencies are: systems thinking, critical thinking, information literacy, technology fluency, diversity and cross-cultural awareness, communication skills, team-building skills, decision making, executing decisions, and ethical leadership. The discussions are presented by the Business and Executive Programs department chair and the MBA program directors.

Overview of the Essential Competencies 

Michael EvanchikDr. Michael Evanchik (associate dean) introduces the ten most important competencies that are essential to the 21st century manager. 

Overview_of_the_Essential_Competencies.mp3 (3.01 minutes, 1.2 Mb)       

Overview of the Essential Competencies - Transcript

Systems Thinking: Techniques for Business Managers 

Michael EvanchikDr. Michael Evanchik (associate dean) defines systems thinking and how it can help managers focus on a problem's root cause, rather than its result. 

System_Thinking.mp3 (10:55 minutes, 2.5 MB)

System Thinking - Transcript

Critical Thinking: Understanding The "Why" of Complex Business Problems 

Rosemary HartiganDr. Rosemary Hartigan (program director) explores critical thinking and its importance in helping managers understand the "why" of new management problems. 

Critical_Thinking.mp3 (9:45 minutes, 2.23 MB)

Critical Thinking - Transcript

Information Literacy: Improving The Effectiveness of Business Decisions 

Ann HerdDr. Ann Herd (professor) discusses information literacy and its role in problem solving and decision making.

Information_Literacy.mp3 (10:07 minutes, 2.31 MB)

Information Literacy - Transcript

Technology Fluency: An Overview for Business Students

James StewartDr. James Stewart (program director) explains why it is important to your career to remain technically fluent. 

Technology_Fluency.mp3 (9:47 minutes, 2.8 MB)

Technology Fluency - Transcript

Innovation: An Essential Ingredient for Business Success

Conrad BoyleDr. Conrad Boyle explains what innovation really is and how it leads to growth via improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, market share, etc.

Innovation.mp3 (16:17 minutes, 3.72 MB)

Innovation - Transcript

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Awareness: Avoiding Global Marketplace Misstep

Monica BolestaDr. Monica Bolesta (program director) speaks about diversity and cross-cultural awareness and its role in the global marketplace.

Diversity_Cultural_Awareness.mp3 (10:14 minutes, 2.34 MB)

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Awareness - Transcript

Communication Skills: Finding The Message In What Isn't Said  

Chris HannahDr. Chris Hannah (program director) discusses communication and its relevance to managers in an organization. 

Communication_Skills.mp3 (11:27 minutes, 2.62 MB)

Communication Skills - Transcript

Team Building: A Vital Resource for Global Business Effectiveness 

Jane RossDr. Jane Ross (program director) explains the importance of effective team building in organizations. 

Team_Building.mp3 (10:29 minutes, 2.4 MB)

Team Building - Transcript

Decision Making and Executing Decisions: Beyond Theories, Concepts, and Methods to Competent Application  

Les LivingstoneDr. Les Livingstone (program director) explains how powerful tools of analysis and careful comparison of the costs and benefits of alternative actions are important for effective decision making. 

Decision_Making.mp3 (13:34 minutes, 3.1 MB)

Decision Making - Transcript

Ethical Leadership: A Practical Approach for Business Managers 

Chuck NewmanDr. Chuck Newman (program director) shares his thoughts on ethical leadership in the 21st century.

Ethical_Leadership.mp3 (13.24 minutes, 3.06 MB)

Ethical Leadership - Transcript