Biotechnology Capstone Course

Rana Khan, PhD, Program Director
James Coker, PhD, Program Director
Mary Murrel, MS, Assistant Director of Administration

Capstone Course Description

Prerequisite: Completion of 30 credits, including all other core courses. The application of knowledge gained from previous study to real-world business, technical, and ethical issues. Topics include entrepreneurship and new venture creation, progress in biotechnology and prediction of future trends, and ethical development and management. Discussion also covers professional goals and an action plan to put knowledge and experience gained in the program to use. Focus is on demonstrating analytical, communication, and leadership skills through case analysis of promising technologies and teamwork through group development of a strategic product development plan for a start-up biotechnology venture.
3 Credits

Biotechnology Companies Supporting the Capstone Project

Our student teams have worked with a number of organizations on projects that were vital to the continued success of the sponsoring organization.  This has been a mutually beneficial relationship with the sponsoring organizations getting a highly trained group of students and the students gaining priceless hands-on experience.

Some of the companies that have participated in the capstone class projects are: