University of Maryland University College requires a math placement test for undergraduate students and offers placement testing for writing and French, German, and Spanish language courses.

Get answers to common questions below.

Important Placement Testing Questions

Am I required to take a placement test for math, writing, or foreign languages? +

The math placement test is required unless you are transferring a course equivalent to MATH 105/107 and are not beginning with MATH 009. You will be unable to register for a math course besides MATH 009 until the placement results are entered into the system.

The writing and language placement tests are not required. You will be able to register for WRTG 101 or EDCP 103 regardless of the placement test results.

When is the best time to take a placement test? +

If you plan on taking placement tests, you should do so immediately upon enrollment in the university. While test results are generally downloaded to students' records on a daily basis, it is strongly recommended that placement tests be taken at least four business days before the last day of term registration. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee your results will be posted in time for you to register for courses.

Remember, you cannot register for math courses at UMUC until you take the math placement test and your results have been posted.

How do I register for placement tests? +

For the math and writing placement tests, you will need your proctor's name, title, professional e-mail address, address, and telephone number. Log into MyUMUC, then select "Undergrad Placement Exam Reg" under the Academic Information heading, and follow the prompts.

If you have been advised to take the online placement test for French, German, or Spanish, please visit Placement Tests and follow the instructions in the Foreign Language Placement Test section.

When will I know my placement test results? +

Immediately following the test, your placement score will be available on the computer screen. Occasionally, the software does not allow students to print their results. However, as long as your proctor used our link, then Accuplacer will have a copy of your placement.

The results of the placement test will be posted in MyUMUC approximately 48 hours after you complete your exam. Your advisor should be able to see your results by then.

About the Tests

Is there a cost to take a placement test? +

There is no cost for the placement test itself. If taking the test at an approved alternate site, you may incur a cost for the proctor and/or the site.

Can I walk in and take a math or writing placement test? +

Please check with your proctored site to determine if they accommodate walk-ins for the placement test. If you plan on taking the placement test at the Academic Center at Largo, walk-ins are accommodated on a space-available basis. Please keep in mind that the testing center closes promptly at the designated times.

What is Accuplacer? +

Accuplacer is a nationally recognized student assessment exam. UMUC uses the Accuplacer to assess your skill levels in math and writing.

What is the WebCAPE Foreign Language Placement Exam? +

The WebCAPE Foreign Language Placement Exam is an internationally recognized language proficiency and assessment tool. UMUC uses the WebCAPE exam to assess your proficiency in French, German, and Spanish.

Test Preparation

What do I need to bring with me to take a placement test? +

Valid picture identification (state-issued driver's license or ID card, passport, or military ID) is required for all placement testing, regardless of the location.

Can I use a calculator or other study guide during a placement test? +

Calculators, other electronic devices, and study aids cannot be used during the placement test session.

How many questions are on the math placement test and how long does it take to complete? +

There are 12 to 14 questions on the math placement test. Questions are presented in a multiple-choice format and appear one at a time on the computer screen. The test is designed using adaptive techniques, meaning that the computer will determine the sequence in which questions are asked based on your responses to previous questions.

The math placement test is an adaptive test. Therefore, how long the exam will take depends on the student. On average, each placement test takes about one hour to complete.

How can I study for a placement test? +

You can use resources such as SAT preparation books, CLEP review books, or practice tests to review for the placement test. Many students find that a GED or SAT review book (available at most bookstores and public libraries) is helpful in reviewing for placement tests.

Some helpful practice tests are available at,, or

Proctors for Math and Writing Placement Tests

How do I find a test proctor in my area? +

You may use any two- or four-year college or university testing or learning center to proctor your exam.

In rare instances, you may use a librarian if the library provides proper documentation. In these cases, UMUC sends a special form to librarians for proctoring purposes. The time frame in which the form is returned and whether the librarian can accommodate your request may affect the approval or rejection time for the placement test.

All UMUC math and writing placement tests must be proctored.

How long does it take for my proctor to get my placement test registration, and how will they get it? +

From the time you register for the placement exam, it may take up to 48 hours for your proctor to get the e-mail containing the information needed to administer your placement test.

How will I know if I the proctor I chose for my placement test was approved? +

If you have an up-to-date e-mail address in MyUMUC, you will receive an e-mail informing you that your proposed proctor has been approved.

What happens after my placement test proctor is approved? +

After your proctor is approved, you can contact your proctor and schedule an appointment to sit for the test. If you have registered at the Academic Center at Largo, then you should come to the testing center on the day that you selected to take the exam.

Special Circumstances

Can I use a placement test from another college? +

Our questions and guidelines are unique to UMUC. Therefore, we cannot accept placement tests from other colleges.

Does UMUC allow me to take a placement test again? +

Yes. A retest can be scheduled 30 days after the original test date.

Can I register for a placement test now and take the test later? +

We suggest you take your placement test within four to six weeks from the approval date. You can register as far in advance as you'd like.

Will I still need to take a placement test if I am deployed? +

Yes, you will still need to take the placement test. Please see alternative testing sites to learn how to find an acceptable proctor while you are deployed.