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Policy 240.90

Library Circulation Policy

Originator: Associate Vice Provost, UMUC Library

Subject: Library Circulation Policy

  1. Introduction
    The UMUC Library's physical collection is comprised of books, periodicals, DVDs, CD-ROMs, and VHS videotapes. Development of the circulating portion of the collection is concentrated on higher education, online education, technology, and instructional and adult/continuing education issues. The Library also facilitates the circulation of materials owned by University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institution (USMAI) libraries to UMUC students, faculty and staff.

  2. Circulation Policies
    1. The UMUC Library ships UMUC-owned and USMAI materials to current UMUC students, faculty, and staff living within the continental United States through campus mail or the Library’s Book Borrowing and Delivery Service. This service delivers materials directly to an individual’s home or place of work.
    2. UMUC-owned and USMAI materials may also be circulated to UMUC students, faculty and staff from any of the fifteen (15) other USMAI Libraries.
    3. UMUC-owned materials may circulate to UMUC and USMAI alumni from only the Academic Services Building in Largo, MD. Alumni should make an arrangement with Library personnel prior to arrival by contacting
    4. Current UMUC faculty not residing within the continental United States may also request UMUC and USMAI materials via the Book Borrowing and Delivery Service. These materials must be shipped to an APO/FPO address.
    5. The following categories of individuals are eligible to borrow circulating materials from the UMUC Library’s collection:
      1. Current UMUC students, faculty, and staff who reside in the continental United States.
      2. Current UMUC faculty who reside in Alaska or Hawaii.
      3. Current UMUC faculty living abroad.
      4. UMUC faculty emeriti.
      5. Current USMAI students, faculty and staff.
      6. UMUC and USMAI alumni.
    6. Loan Periods
      1. Loan periods for materials owned by our USMAI partners are set by the owning institution.
      2. Loan periods for UMUC-owned materials by patron category:
      User/Borrower Loan Period

      UMUC undergrad and grad students

      56 days

      UMUC faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff

      1 year

      UMUC alumni

      28 days

      UMUC special borrowers

      28 days

      USMAI, non-UMUC students

      56 days

      USMAI, non-UMUC faculty

      1 year

      USMAI, non-UMUC staff

      28 days

      USMAI, non-UMUC alumni

      28 year

    7. Non-circulating Materials: The UMUC Library's USMAI partners set circulation policies for their collections. The following UMUC materials do not circulate:
      1. Reference collection items.
      2. Periodicals.
      3. Videotapes (Circulation to UMUC faculty is allowed and in other case-by-case bases).
      4. CD-ROMs and DVDs (if part of a package set with a book, it may circulate).
    8. Holds/Requests:  UMUC students, faculty and staff may place holds (also known as requests) on any circulating item in the USMAI library catalog, including those belonging to UMUC. UMUC or any USMAI library may be selected as a pickup location (see II,. A & B).
    9. Renewing:  UMUC materials and USMAI materials may be renewed. For materials belonging to our USMAI partners, renewal periods are set by the owning institution. UMUC materials may be renewed three (3) times for the same amount of time as the original loan period (see II. G). Any USMAI or UMUC material may be renewed as long as the material has not: 1) been recalled (requested by another patron), 2) been declared lost, or 3) reached its renewal limit. Overdue materials owned by UMUC may be renewed as long as a request (hold) or recall (see II. I & K) has not been placed by another patron.
    10. Recalls:  All UMUC and USMAI materials are subject to recall when another patron places a hold (request) on the material(s). The original patron will then have fourteen (14) days from the date of notice to return the recalled items regardless of the original due date. Recalled items cannot be renewed . Failing to return a recalled item after the fourteen (14) day period will result in the item being declared lost. Some or all UMUC Library privileges may be revoked at this time. Lost book charges may also be incurred, as well as late fees, depending on the institution from which the material was lent.
    11. Returns:  Any UMUC and USMAI materials may be returned to the UMUC Academic Center at Largo drop box, any USMAI library, or by USPS Mail. All materials should be returned on time to avoid incurring fines from lending institutions. For materials shipped to a patron via the Book Borrowing and Delivery Service, use the return label included in the initial shipment. Patrons should use these labels to avoid incurring shipping costs.
    12. Fines:  UMUC cannot regulate fines imposed by our USMAI partners. No daily late fines are assessed for UMUC materials. However, if an item is not returned or renewed once the due date has passed, the item will be declared lost and the patron will be subject to a $60.00, non-refundable replacement fee. Some or all library privileges may be revoked if an item is not returned or a lost book fine is not paid.
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