Build specialized healthcare knowledge and the latest management skills with a master's degree in management with a specialization in health care administration.

The Master of Science in management with a specialization in health care administration offers an introduction to the healthcare industry and the management skills you need to seize manager positions in this booming sector. Perfect for career changers and new professionals, this program requires no prior experience in the healthcare industry.

University of Maryland University College is nationally recognized as a leader in online healthcare degree programs. By actively participating in national-level discussions that shape healthcare education, we help to ensure your UMUC degree is recognized, relevant, and respected.

These program requirements are for students who enroll in the 2016–2017 academic year. For prior year academic requirements, visit the catalog archive in the Current Students section.

About the Management Master's Degree with Health Care Administration Specialization

In the health care administration specialization, you'll study various aspects of the U.S. healthcare system, such as the social, economic, and political forces that have shaped and continue to influence the system. You'll also delve into the financial and legal aspects of healthcare systems.

What You'll Learn

Through your coursework, you will learn how to

  • Manage a healthcare organization's finances, including techniques for responding to uncompensated care, cost increases, increased competition, and increased regulation
  • Explore different models in healthcare administration, including contemporary theories, critical perspectives, and best practices for performance excellence in a highly competitive healthcare environment
  • Make decisions in institutional management, organizational development, and intercultural work environments
  • Analyze legal issues including regulatory constraints, provider liability, patient rights, employment law and labor relations, and administrative law for healthcare organizations
  • Recognize public health issues and how they impact organizations
  • Identify current trends and ongoing problems within the U.S. healthcare system

Coursework Examples

In past projects, students have had the opportunity to

  • Interview key healthcare professionals about current and future trends in the healthcare marketplace
  • Develop a strategic plan and budget for improving the delivery of care
  • Analyze the implications of the Affordable Care Act on healthcare costs, access, and quality
  • Contact a public health agency to analyze and give a presentation on a public health program or policy

Industry Certification

This program can help prepare you for the following certification exams

Management Master's Degree with Health Care Administration Specialization Requirements

Our curriculum is designed with input from employers, industry experts, and scholars. You'll learn theories combined with real-world applications and practical skills you can apply on the job right away.

Master's - specialization Courses

Introductory Course

  • UCSP 615
    (to be taken within the first 6 credits of study)

We also recommend UCSP 605 if you'd like to improve your graduate writing skills.

Core Courses

  • MGMT 630
  • MGMT 640
  • HIMS 650

Core Rules & Recommendations

  • MGMT 610 must be taken within the first 6 credits.

  • You can take MGMT 610 and MGMT 615 instead of MGMT 630.

  • You should not take MGMT 640 and HIMS 650 simultaneously.
  • If you have not had any recent statistics experience, take UCSP 630 before HIMS 650.
  • If you lack a recent background in finance or accounting, you should take UCSP 620 before MGMT 640.

Specialization Courses

  • HCAD 610
  • HCAD 620
  • HCAD 630
  • HCAD 635
  • HCAD 640
  • HCAD 650
  • HCAD 660

Specialization Rules & Recommendations

  • Specialization courses should be taken in the order listed.
  • You must take MGMT 640 before HCAD 640.
  • MGMT 615 must be taken before HCAD 660.

Capstone Course

  • MGMT 670

Capstone Rules & Recommendations

  • You must complete 24 credits, including all core requirements, before enrolling in MGMT 670.

Other Requirements

  • You must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher at all times.
  • All degree requirements must be fulfilled within five consecutive years.
  • Any transfer credits must have been earned within the five-year time frame to be applied toward a graduate degree.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Business and Management Club

Type: Academic club
Available To: Undergraduate and Graduate

This club allows students to network and discuss their shared interests with one another and their faculty members, enabling them to learn more about the field.

Upsilon Phi Delta

Type: Honor society
Available To: Undergraduate and Graduate

Upsilon Phi Delta is the national academic honor society of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration.

The purposes of Upsilon Phi Delta are to

  • Elevate the standards, ideals, competence, and ethics of professionally educated women and men in health administration and leadership

  • Recognize and encourage scholarship in healthcare administration

  • Recognize students who achieve distinction in healthcare administration studies in universities and colleges

  • Provide financial assistance through scholarships to outstanding students pursuing a degrees in healthcare administration

  • Motivate academic excellence in students studying healthcare administration