Master of Science in Management:
Naval Operations and National Security

Naval Operations and National Security Specialization with Transfer Credits from Naval War College

If you have graduated from the nonresident seminar program of the Naval War College, you may be eligible to transfer 18 graduate credits toward a Master of Science in Management with a specialization in Naval Operations and National Security at University of Maryland University College. Conversely, if you are a graduate of web-enabled distance learning program of the NWC, you may be eligible to receive 12 graduate credits toward the same degree.

To participate in this partnership program, you must have completed one of the two qualifying programs with NWC. All coursework for the degree, including courses taken at NWC, must be completed within a five-year window. You must submit official transcripts from NWC for review, along with the transfer credit evaluation request form to see if you meet the eligibility requirements.

After completing certain master's degrees, you can earn your Master of Business Administration by completing just three additional courses.


Core Required Courses

UCSP 615* Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC  (0) (Must complete within first 6 credits of study.)

  • MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior (6)
  • MGMT 640 Financial Decision Making for Managers (3)
  • MGMT 650 Statistics for Managerial Decision Making (3)

Note: As an alternative to MGMT 630, you may take MGMT 610 and MGMT 615.

Capstone Course

MGMT 670 Strategic Management Capstone (3)

Clustered Course Option

MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior (6) is a six-credit course. Students who receive credit for MGMT 630 may not receive credit for MGMT 610 or MGMT 615.

Core Rules

  • MGMT 630  (or MGMT 610) must be taken within the first 6 credits of the MS in Management program.
  • Students must complete 24 credits, including other core requirements, before enrolling in MGMT 670.
  • Students should not enroll in MGMT 640 and MGMT 650 in the same semester.

Naval Operations and National Security Specialization Required Courses

This coursework comes from the completion of NWC and will be added to your UMUC transcript once a review and approval for eligibility has been completed.

Additional Course Requirements

Graduates of the nonresidential seminar program choose one 3-credit class; graduates of the distance learning program choose three 3-credit classes from below.

Nonprofit and Association Management

  • NPMN 600 Nonprofit and Association Organizations and Issues (3)
  • NPMN 660 Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organizations and Associations (3)

Human Resources Management

  • HRMD 610 Issues and Practices in Human Resource Management (3)
  • HRMD 650 Organizational Development and Change (3)

Project Management

  • PMAN 634 Foundations of Project Management (3)
  • PMAN 641 Project Procurement Management (3)


  • MRKT 600 Marketing Management (3)
  • MRKT 601 Legal and Ethical Issues in Global Communications (3)

Specialization Rules

MRKT 620 Marketing Principles, Regulation, and Ethical Issues (6) may be taken in place of MRKT 600 and MRKT 601.

* The UCSP 615 requirement may be waived if you previously earned a graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution. For more information, contact your academic advisor.

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