Master of Science in Technology Management: Information Systems and Services

NOTE: As of Fall 2014, no new applications will be accepted for this specialization/program. Current students should contact their graduate advisor to go over their plan for completing the program requirements.

Information Systems and Services Specialization

The Information Systems and Services (ISAS) specialization provides courses on the ways a manager can procure and use computer-based information systems to enhance decision making and organizational effectiveness. This specialization is structured to accommodate the needs of students who have little or no experience with computers as well as those with advanced computer skills. In addition to receiving a technological foundation, students are exposed to the interaction of technology, organizational behavior, strategic planning, project management, and systems analysis used to support an organization through its information systems.

Career Path

The Master of Science program in technology management serves a number of careers at the entry-, mid-, or high-level position, depending on the prior level of experience of the candidate.

Graduates of the Information Systems and Services specialization, depending on their background can find positions such as:

  • Systems or Business Analyst
  • Systems Development Manager
  • IS Project or Program Manager
  • IS Consultant, Chief Information Officer
  • IS-aware General Manager


Core Required Courses

UCSP 615 Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC (0), to be taken within the first 6 credits of study

  • TMAN 611 Principles of Technology Management (3)
  • TMAN 614 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (3)
  • TMAN 632 Organizational Performance Management (3)
  • TMAN 633 Managing People in Technology-Based Organizations (3)
  • TMAN 625 Economics and Financial Analysis for Technology Managers (3)

Clustered Course Options

TMAN 680 Managing Strategy and Performance in Technology-Based Organizations (6) is a 6-credit course. Students who receive credit for TMAN 680 cannot take TMAN 614 or TMAN 632.

TMAN 600 Foundations of Management and Technology (6) is a six-credit course. Students who receive credit for TMAN 600 may not receive credit for TMAN 611 or TMAN 633.

Information Systems and Services (ISAS) Specialization Required Courses

  • ISAS 600 Information Systems for Managers (3)
  • ISAS 610 Information Systems Management and Integration (3)
  • ISAS 620 Information Systems Sourcing Management (3)
  • ISAS 630 Systems Analysis and Design (3)
  • ISAS 640 Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems (3)
  • ISAS 650 Information Technology, the CIO, and Organizational Transformation (3)
  • IMAT 639 Internet Multimedia Applications (3)

Specialization Rules

ISAS 600 is a prerequisite to all other courses in this specialization.

Note: Some course titles and numbers were revised beginning with the fall 2007 semester. If you began your program prior to fall 2007 and have chosen to follow the pre-fall 2007 curriculum, please refer to the pre-fall 2007 Study Plan to determine your degree requirements.

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